Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas cards

I was very fortunate to get a lot of wonderful Christmas cards this year....thanks to all those MaryJane Farmgirls!

I just had to share my favorite one with all of you. This is a handmade fabric and bejeweled postcard made by my new friend, Sharon B. It is just gorgeous! I want to show you the back address part of this postcard but for privacy reasons, I can't. But I guarantee you that it is just adorable. It is all patchwork with each area having little patchwork and printing. This postcard came in pristine condition, stamp expired and clean!!! I could not believe it. What a treasure! Needless to say it's a keeper!


  1. Karen,
    I know what you mean about those handmade cards, I just love them. I keep everyone that I get.
    Nice Aprons, and that is one cute Baby!!
    Nancy Jo


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