Sunday, January 24, 2010

The bath remodel

This is the before, although Tracy had already removed the old flat mirror and replaced it with this beautiful picture frame mirror. She then painted the cabinets to match, see below.
She wanted to move the doorway over about 12 inches as it was right on top of the counter and as you walked in you headed straight into the sink. It was just an odd layout. By moving the doorway, she was able to open up the whole room and now it feels like a larger bathroom. Yeah!
Here she is removing the old sill so the new door can be placed to the left.

Newly painted cabinets (more coats of paint to come) and the new open area. Before I left we had the new door and wall framed in and installed. She will do the sheetrock today. A new tile floor and counter will come later.
And this was our friendly, kissable supervisior!

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