Sunday, January 17, 2010

Donation for Haiti

Please DON'T confuse this posting with the giveaway below....this tote and matching eyeglass case is up for AUCTION and I will put up matching funds for the winner of this tote and send it on to the Red Cross. This money in total is going to Haiti in hopes of helping the terrible struggle there. I will then ship this tote to the winner at my expense as well.
The deadline on this AUCTION is January 24th at 6 pm Pacific time. Thanks for all your bids.
This is a huge tote measureing 13 inches high by 17 wide and 7 inches deep. It holds a lot of groceries or knitting etc.


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  2. Karen I would like to start this bid at 30.00, it isnt much but its a start .

  3. I love your tote and what a wonderfu thing to do. Karen, I have given and done already....I want to do so much but worry that my husband will kill me if I continue to volunteer for things (money wise)...I am sorry but it is a wonderful tote.

  4. Thanks, Amanda, for your generous bid!
    Barb, you do not need to apologize, you have more than done your part!
    Thanks, ladies, for your comments!

  5. I'll raise you to $40.00...adorable tote, Karen!!!

  6. ok gals, I was hoping for a little friendly competition!!!

  7. Oh I confused or what.....I thought the post for today was about this bag....wrong bag, Bev. OK....I am upping my bid


  8. Is that another ditsi blonde? lol Sorry to confuse you Bev! You are in the right place now and thanks again for another bid!


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