Saturday, January 9, 2010

For Amanda

My friend Amanda, loves cemetaries and so do I. A common note among friends.....ha! Not your normal interest, I admit. But in looking back I realize I have taken other pictures in other cemetaries in the past. As a matter of fact, I remember one in my Brazil pictures, that I should post for you too. Not really sure what the facination is but I bet Amanda could top this off with a few words about that.

These pictures were taken in South Africa and I believe I shocked our guide when I asked him to stop here. He, of course, did the polite thing, with perhaps a little hesitation but proceeded to escort me therein. He did indeed seem to enjoy himself as I caught him reading the headstones and commenting on the new burial site of a young, 47 year old woman. This is the average age of death in Africa, mostly due to Aids, I believe.

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  1. Karen the facination for is, is wondering about these peopl. What is their story. Were they happy, do they have living relatives? I like to take flowers to sites that look like they havent had a visitor. Every person has a story , it doesnt matter if they are dead or alive, there is always a story. Thank you for posting these shots.


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