Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saying goodbye

is never easy. I know I have posted several pictures of this quilt but I just never felt they were very good. I wanted a sunny day photo and even this is not the best. Should have hung it on the other side, facing the sun. Oh, well, it is off in the mail to my nephew. Hope he likes it.
And I am starting another quilt, this time with lots of fun retro colors. This will be my quilt for Trailer Trash (1959 Aljo) if I ever get her road ready! I loved working with the black and tans in this last quilt but really looking forward to the fun 30's-40's colors.
Before I get to start the quilt I have a few last minute touches to do to my last UFO, Grayson's (grandson) curtains. I have fought with them all week and just seem to be having the worst time trying to get these done. I think it is the brown fabric that has got me down. It is so wrinkled and no amount of ironing seems to help. I grabbed some starch at the store yesterday and will give that a try today just before we hang them in his room. I will be so glad to get this UFO DONE! No more excuses, I must not linger here any longer.....


  1. Your quilt is wonderful...sounds like you have alot of plans..

    Love the doors below..

  2. after having seen this quilt up close, I can understand your procratination of parting with it.
    It is beautiful.


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