Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fast and Easy Breakfast

I look forward to my oatmeal every morning and I found an easy way to make it. No boiling over in the microwave, just pour boiling water (I make mine in my hot pot) over the raw oatmeal, cover with a plate and it will be ready in minutes. Just barely cover the oatmeal or it will be too soggy. I like mine chewy so it is ready in 4-5 minutes. The lower the bowl, the faster it is ready. I love adding, cinnamon, flax seed, and some fruit.
I got this idea from The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone, you can check it out at


  1. Everyone must know I am hungry this right over!!

  2. hahaha! you forgot to call me!
    Oh & as for "Dots" on your trailer,,,for a mere glass of wine I would be glad to paint dots all over your trailer too! lol!
    hugz to you & Dashypoo....

  3. That looks good...and that's what I need to start eating in the AM!

    I love scented year mine got HUGE about 3feet tall and pretty good size around...I can't remember what scent it was...maybe apple....

    I was on a scented geranium obsession about 5 years ago and there was a place about 2 miles down the road that had all kinds so you can imagine that I did go a little crazy....not to mention overboard!


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