Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lesson #1

Hitching up the trailer…..It’s 8am and I need to get Ms. Daisy down to Les Schwab for a tire check and possible ‘pack wheel bearings’.  I have only driven her once, back from the original purchase (Post Falls, Idaho) so I am nervous.  I need to hitch her up and don’t know how….so I hit the internet..not a lot of help there.  I did know that you place it on the ball but where do you hook the chains?  So I went out to give it a try…..

..first I raised the hitch up higher than the ball on the truck. 

                     ms d 002

                                       ms d 004  Ok, here goes…wish me luck!

ms d 005 

Whoa….not too bad for a first try…

ms d 006 

Ok, that’s dead on….just go back a bit more….

ms d 007 

Not so easy without a spotter but still not too bad!

ms d 008

Hey!  I pulled forward just a bit (and here is where I made my mistake).  Be sure and hook up the electrical for brake lights, etc.  Check to make sure they are working, as well as blinkers.

  ms d 009

If you look closely, you will see the area where the chains are crossing (don’t do this btw)…let them cross under the hitch, at this point, having hooked the chains to the truck and then raising the stand, I thought I was good to go.  I drove out of my field down the driveway just a bit and stopped to see, if I could get my neighbor to check it out (just to make sure!).  Good thing I did, THE  HITCH WAS NOT FIRMLY PLACED IN THE BALL.  It was on but not down all the way, the chains were not in the way but with them below the ball, I could see the coupling better.

ms d 012

I was so glad it was a holiday weekend as traffic was light going on to LS and two appointments didn’t show so they were able to pack the bearings right then!!  I had to unhitch again but this time I learned some little tricks from the (10 year old…they sure look young these days…ha!) working there.

Twist the chains to shorten them enough so they don’t drag on the ground!  How easy is that?  Hey, and another attendee asked me how many times I was going to back it up until I got help….well, silly old me (I CAN DO IT MYSELF!)…it’s a lot easier with a spotter!

It’s a silly thing but I was on cloud nine the rest of the day!


  1. Good to Go Girl!!

  2. Wow! Good for you. I know I would not have any attempted it it! Have fun!!

  3. You did are one amazing lady!!

  4. You are one awesome DIYer! Happy Trails!

  5. I see this time "blogger" didn't sign me out as it usually does when I move over to your blog. How did I do that I ask myself. Self: "How did I do that?". Self answers "Who the hell knows?".

  6. Here you go AGAIN amazing me with your spunk, determination and abilities!

  7. Karen, you are such a gutsy woman!! Way to go!!!!!!

  8. hey girlfriend,,,High 5's to ya! I knew you could do it!.
    hugz...oh & just 3 more days till we are sitting around the campfire....

  9. Knew you could do it!

    "I am women hear me roar.....' is one of the lines I LOVE to sing when I accomplish something new.

    This one's for you! LOL

  10. Great job girl!! Fun and educational post. =)

    Always makes me smile when you have come by. thanks. =)

    FYI Frog- $11.00 (there were a bunch on line o for $10-15, but are gone now.) Picture, i think is 12x15. will measure, and post it tomorrow.

    barbara jean

  11. Oh, maybe should have emailed info. you can delete that comment if you want.

  12. You are so good!!!!!!! You make it look easy! I am still working on perfecting my techniques!


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