Monday, June 6, 2011

Farm Chicks Weekend

sotf 006

My new Shasta kitchen, just before I left for my trip.

                          sotf 008 

sotf 011 

A cup of tea just after my successful arrival at Riverside State Park, Spokane, WA.  I got her backed in first try with the help of a spotter (thanks, Gary!). 

               sotf 013 


sotf 014 

It started raining just after we (Gracie, Heather and I drove in tandem) arrived.  Perfect for us to set up our trailers inside. 

       sotf 020 

Meet Bonnie from Spokane Valley. 

                      sotf 015 

sotf 016 

Can you see the cork wall?  Isn’t this just the cutest trailer?  (You will hear this at least a dozen times, in this post!).

 sotf 017 

We toured the different trailers during the intermittent rains, after our arrival on Thursday afternoon.

 sotf 021 

Next to Bonnie’s is Heather’s 1947 trailer…..

                  sotf 022 

 sotf 025


sotf 023 


                                sotf 024 

You got that right, Heather!!!

  sotf 034 

All the while we are parked right on the Spokane River!  Just a few feet away. 

                                   sotf 033 

We even had wildflowers all around our camp sites.

 sotf 030

Meet Gracie and her Scottie with a Potty.  How adorable is this?  Step inside, it only gets better!

  sotf 026


sotf 028

This girl sure knows how to decorate a trailer!!

    sotf 029 

And organize a super fun event!!

  sotf 027


            sotf 036 

How is this for a view just feet away.  We could sit and watch the Osprey feed their young right from our lawn chairs at the edge of the river, right inside our camp sites! 

                       sotf 038 


sotf 039 


                      sotf 044 

Laughs around the campfire! 

           sotf 048 

Sorry this is such a long post but I thought you would love to visit all the trailers!

 sotf 062 

Can it get any more fun than this?  Every time I looked at this I found something else I’d missed (all weekend long). 

                sotf 057 

Camp mascot!

sotf 063 

And it was just as much fun inside!!

 sotf 064 

How about this one?  She even had a bar!  She went on to decorate the whole spot…it was totally cute! 

                  sotf 065 

                    sotf 066 

Don’t you just love Denise’s bright and shiny sweetheart?  It was filled with lace and frills!

Stop by tomorrow and I will share some more sweet trailers! 


  1. I've looked and admired and drooled over each and every picture you've posted.
    The area, with the big trees and the beautiful river, looks like the perfect spot to camp.

    I love, love, love how each trailer is so different in personality..... and I love all the vintage items!
    You gals sure know how to party in a fun way!

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. This was such a fun post. I loved everything about it, your friends, thier trailers...and the woods....I will stop by tomorrow. Glad you had a good time.

  3. Wow! Looks like you had a really terrific time! And the weather ended up pretty good for you to have even more fun! I love all the decorating, it is so fun to see! I'll bet that mini-vacation did you so much good! So glad you went and had a great time!! Luv ya!

  4. These are all too good for words. Ms. Daisy is amazing and you all look like you're having such a great time. I love the personalities of each one...camping has never looked so good! Looking forward to seeing more.

  5. Yep,,, we certainly did have a rip snortin' good time!
    Memories to last us for ever!
    : > )

  6. I am so amazed by these adorable little homes! Can I ask where you get them? Do they come with the original stuff or do you referb them? Are they comfy? Probably no A/C huh? They were all cuter than the other. What fun you had. Lisa

  7. Wow, if I lived closer, I would surely have a camper and come along. What a fun weekend you all had!!

  8. Thank you for yout effort in taking all the photos AND posting them along with descriptions... What a fantastic idea to have girls only trips and where did all the fabulous vans come from??? Well done..

    Dell, from Australia

  9. I have GOT to have one of these trailers!!! Yours is just fantastic and that kitchen is adorable!! Great job! Looks like y'all had a super fun time.

  10. These are absolutely amazing! My husband is going to be really bummed that I ran across this post b/c now I'm putting one of these on my wish list! Oh, and following now! -diane

  11. Wow, all the trailers are fantastic! Beautifully decorated. I love vintage trailers. I am your newest followers, looking forward to future posts. Diane

  12. These are all so incredibly cute!

  13. I had such a fun time exploring your sweet blog! I am SOTF Sister #1841. I am hoping to one day be able to meet all of you. I live in Banks, Oregon. Hugs! Annie

  14. Hi! Serena gave some links to this post.

    This ALMOST makes me want to learn how to pull a trailer! Well, maybe not, maybe I'll just hire a driver.

    I'm going to the show THIS year!

  15. I loved "touring" all of the trailers -- so cute. And it sounds like you had such a nice time :)

  16. Thanks for sharing the photos. I hope to visit with you all someday. I am off to admire the glorious photos of Herculaneum next.

  17. Thanks for sharing your photos. We just purchased a 1947 Main Line Coach Trailer. Ours is only 10 1/2 feet long, so our kitchen is across the front not down the side. We are totally restoring this trailer. I have cleaned up the stove and it looks great. Can't wait until we are done and post pics for you all.

  18. Thank you for sharing pics..we just purchased a 1947 Main Line Coach Trailer like the silver one in your photos. Ours is only 10 1/2 feet long so the kitchen is across the front. We are totally restoring it. We have it torn down to the floor frame. We have metal which was in good shape, also the cabinets and closet. I cleaned the stove to looking great. We are going to have fun with this little camper when we are done.

  19. What a fun post! I found you through Pinterest, just started restoring my 1967 trailer. I will be following along, adding you to my blog roll!

  20. I want you to know, I really enjoyed your blog. I adore vintage RV's so much,I can't wait to own one of my own and see what I can do to it. God bless you!

  21. Thank you for all of the pictures. I had so much fun looking at them. I am redoing a 1970 "Glamper" and we painted the stove and sink the same color red that you have pictured. Since you are a retired painting contractor, I was wondering what kind of paint did you use and how did you seal it for wear and tear.
    Thank you again for the blog. It was a pleasure.

    1. I had it powder coated, however, I have since learned that you can use Drivetrain paint found at any local automotive store...albeit a larger one. Comes in about 12 colors or you might try on line.

  22. Loved looking at all of those photos, but I think yours is still my favorite! Would you mind if I shared a photo of the dining booth in an article about dinette booth makeovers I'm writing for my new blog?

  23. Forgot to mention in my last comment but I would of course link back to this post.


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