Monday, June 27, 2011

Moving Day at the Chicken Mansion

         coop 004 

Yep, my girls moved into their new home!   I wasn’t sure I could get it all finished in time, but I was out there early on and worked all day.    I insulated above the coop and got the rest of the chicken wire done, mounted some old iron brackets, filled the water and feed tins and scooped up Eleanor, first and then, Rosa and Amelia!  Amelia flew out of her old home (box) and hid under the chest in the office, so it took some coaxing to get her out.  She is stubborn and a bit flighty ;0 .

         coop 012 

Dash (big brother) was so excited to see them so ‘up close’ and personal but didn’t really understand why they were in the Chicken Mansion and not in the house, under his guard.

          coop 014 

Do they have to stay in there, Mommy?

                coop 017 
                                         coop 018 

I used some embellishments to ‘girlify’ this space.   I have lots more coming.  Nothing is too good for my girls; Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart and Rosa Parks!  :)
               coop 023 

A few flowers…..
coop 011 

A little bling…..

              coop 029 
          coop 027  

A great view…..

                    coop 019  

Dining a la carte…..

             coop 041
Even a bit of art (more to come)…who could ask for anything more?

 coop 032 

               coop 043
                 coop 030 

Good night, sweet dreams!
I am more than a little nervous about their first night away from home.  I guess I will just have to think of it as a ‘sleep over’.  Needless to say, I will be checking on them at odd hours of the night!  (I actually didn’t but I thought about borrowing my daughter’s baby monitor…with the tv screen…no less!).  Just to see if they were behaving themselves, of course!
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  1. Karen that is too cute! New mommie jitters are okay. Enjoy them while they are still young. :)

  2. You're too funny...a baby monitor. You'd be the only one up all night listening to every little noise. Their coop is so darn cute; they certainly are three very lucky chickens. Love the picture on the wall:-)

  3. Maybe you could squeeze in a day bed for is so cute, Karen...good job!

  4. Yes, I could have a sleepover! I sure miss them in the house...well, not the cleanup. They love their new surroundings and even look up on the wall at the decorations! Ha! I am looking for a chair...just the right chair, so I can sit and visit with them.

  5. I think I will come and sleep with the chickens, that is one awesome home.

  6. It's lovely, Karen....such lucky gals!

  7. Oh my! if I were to walk around 'clucking' would you adopt me?
    Lucky, Elenore,Rosa & Amelia....
    Dash has to go out to the 'Mansion' now to visit his!

  8. If there's an award for the cutest chicken house, your mansion would win 1st place, without a doubt!
    I love the screen door....everything looks fantastic!
    Dash is such a. Cutie!

  9. Oh I love all of it! I would sleep there tonite if I were you! You and Dash could have so much fun with the girls for that sleepover! You do win the prize for the cutest coop!

  10. What an adorable Chicken Mansion! Those girls have it made!! I love the old screen door. I saw one just like that a couple of weeks ago at my favorite junk shop. Now I want to go back and get looks too cute all shabbified!! (of course spell check is going crazy, reminding me that's not a word).

  11. It's beautiful!! Our chicks spent their first night in our new coop on Friday. I was nervous, too! They're doing great and tonight when I went out to put them in for the night, they were already in the coop. Such good chickies!

  12. Hi there! Found your blog from BNOTP and was chuckling big time when I saw that you're from Cheney.
    I'm from Loosiana and my best friend owns the Zips there in Cheney!! The crazy Griffins! I've been to cheney often when visiting them .... how small this world is!
    We're even meeting them in mexico next month!!

  13. So much for a "dog's life"! Looks great! You are the martha stewart of farmers! Big hugs!

  14. jane took the words out of my mouth. MOVE over Martha's chickens, you have nothin' on this coop. The girls I hope are lovin' all your hard work. BUT!! how are you sleeping? did you put a cot in there to keep them company?
    I know I would have... :)giggle

  15. Believe it or not...I slept through the night! They are doing great and each time I add 'art' to their walls Ameilia Earhart looks up and all around the room! Ha! They sure love being able to move around more!

  16. Amazing! Looks more like a guest house than a chicken coop.

  17. Lovely. My chickens are in an old feedhouse turned coop with ugly dog pen fencing. I thought it was fine before I saw your post. They got the shaft lol!

  18. Wow, that's one pretty chicken coop. Lucky ducks...ummm chicks.

  19. That is the most beautiful chicken coop I have ever seen! Your girls should be very happy!

  20. weren't kidding about Mansion! I love love love it Karen. When can I come see in person! I'll bring ice cream sammies. :) Seriously that is one heck of a chicken coop. You are amazing.

    Love you!

  21. Karen,
    That is the most awesome chicken mansion I have ever seen! You go girl!

  22. Karen,
    That is the most amazing chicken mansion I have ever seen! You go girl!

  23. oh my - so in love w/your coop! Wishing my 'gals' could be so lucky! xoox, tracie

  24. It's my first time here but I can already say that I want to be one of your chickens! What an awesome abode! All shabbified!

  25. This is adorable, I'm featuring the chicken mansion at VIF, Thursday afternoon, thanks so much for linking up!!
    xo Debra

  26. I LOVE IT!
    From one Chicken Lady to another!

    What a wonderful coop! I just moved my baby girls in with the big girls. So far, so good!

    Can you let you girls in the yard? I can't, too many foxes in my area.

    I love your coop, your girls should be very proud!

  27. oh so fun!! I would LOVE a house like that! =)

    barbara jean

  28. How cute is that!! Thanks for sharing at my party.

  29. This is my first time visiting and I'm in love with your chicken coup! I live in the Tri-cities and have a place at Bunkers resort on Williams Lake and often go to town in Cheney each summer. I like this little Collage town so it's fun to see someone so close. Have fun with your girls and grandbaby. Hugs, Pearl

  30. This just absolutely adorable!! I love the girls new mansion! Sharing on my FB page!

  31. I don't have chickens, but if I did... I'd love for their house to look like this.

    The details are amazing. I love their noble names and their address... "Hen House 5", isn't it? Heh, heh...

    Beautiful job! I'm visiting from Funky Junk's Sat. Nite Special, best of 2011.


  32. Check your requirements for perches. The bedstand is cute, but the slippery metal and small diameter will discourage them from using it. And for happy chickens they need to perch.

  33. Thanks, Jean, but I did decide to use something else, even though they did perch on it. Still looking for a place to use those bedposts! :)

  34. Those lucky lucky girls... LOVE! So pretty!

    Shared on FJi and pinned for SNS 117. :)


  35. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  36. Sweet Coop you have there. I fixed my hens up with a sweet coop also. They enjoy white wall papered walls covered in tiny pink roses, an antique nesting box with their names (some of them don't read and they often nest in the wrong spot) and a chandelier also. Spoiled hens for sure.. and the Roo doesn't mind either.


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