Friday, June 10, 2011

A Very Special Day


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This squinty group is celebrating Austin’s (my grandson) graduation.  Yes, me on the left and my daughter, Tracy on the right.  My son Darin, his father, would be very proud.  It was an emotional day for Tracy and I, as Darin has not been a part of Austin’s life.  (You can be very proud, Darin, he is a wonderful, smart young man and he’s going off to college this fall)!


  1. Congratulations Austin and Grandma. A huge milestone in your lives.

  2. Congratulations Austin!
    Hi and hugs proud grandma. =)

    barbara jean

  3. Congrats to all !! Isn't dna a wonderful thing...just look at that picture...3 generations and you all look the same...Austin must look just like his dad...and yes he would be takes a village...

  4. Life is beautiful, as is your family! Your hearts can be sure and free, that Darin's love is with you all as a part of your family tree!

  5. exciting... Congrats to your grandson!!

  6. Wow... what a beautiful family! Your daughter is so pretty, your grandson very handsome, and grandma.... you look smashing!!!
    Congratulations to Austin!

  7. Congrats Austin! What a lovely family you have. My 18 year old just graduated as well. A bittersweet milestone.

  8. congrat to Austin and the proud grandma!!
    Karen you look so beautiful!!


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