Saturday, January 28, 2012

‘Twine’ Yarn

                kp 002

I’ve been crocheting dishcloths from these super hot ‘twine’ colors of Sugar ‘n Cream made by Lily, for about a year now.  I love wrapping simple brown gift bags with this fun ‘twine’, also.  I just love anything natural…and this definitely is at 100% cotton.

kp 015 (1024x998) 

This set of three dishcloths has been the top seller in my Etsy shop.  It’s a fun group of colors and fits any kitchen. 

                       kp 020 (640x480) 

If you’re so inclined stop by any fabric, craft store and check out these fun ‘twine’ colors for some crafting or knitting/crocheting.  Have fun.


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  1. Good Morning Sweet Friend! I tend to knit my dish rags but I love that yarn. I only use 100% cotton and enjoy the neutrals. But I have a few friend that insist on color. So I'm on # 7 since the first of the year. Best get moving since I'm at the beach and a walk is calling!

  2. I adore the colorful twine, I have several colors but now I see they have spring time colors. Like you said, they are cute for tying up gifts or hanging ornaments.

    I Adore your washcloths, you know I DO. And they are great for gifts too. Hubby did ask if you have the larger ones yet. 10x10 perhaps.

    They last and last and look cute hanging on the hooks over my sink.
    I love the new twine look too. Will have to check your etsy shop.

    Need a taste of Spring in this house, it cant come too soon....

    Stay warm.

  3. I got some of the red,beige, and white at Walmart this past fall and it was a perfect little Christmas gift...sort of candy cane effect. Your crocheting is beautiful! I've never seen all those colors before!
    I'll have to look for some more of those!

  4. I can see why they are good sellers, they are pretty darn cute.


  5. I adore the twine yarn. I bought oodles of it and I love them both as dishcloths, and as twine to wrap packages and attach gift tags with. Such a great price too!!!


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