Monday, February 27, 2012

Retro 1960’s

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Isn’t this a step back in time….blam….there you are back in the 60’s!  Love these.  I thought I might repurpose them but just couldn’t bring myself to touch them.  I was going to put them in my vintage (Mexican themed) Shasta trailer.  After all, it’s a 1969…perfect.  But I have such limited wall space.


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So they went into my etsy shop…  

Stop by and take a look at some of the fun vintage goodies I have in my shop, if you have a minute. 

            v 015 (480x640)  These make a great pair…a man and a women warrior.

I will be at this party….

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  1. Oh my, those are retro. I could see them in a restaurant with that theme.

  2. before my time. =) LOL
    do you have a link for that party???

    thanks, and thanks for your visits too. I'm blessed

    barbara jean

  3. I'm so happy your blog is back, scared me! Oh I so remember these, they fit into the Mediterranean decor also. They would have fit right into my home in 68, is this aging me - Duh, yes!

    I received Crap at My Parents' House in the mail today. I'm sure I will have many chuckles reading this and also a few fond memories!

    Sending Hugs!

  4. luv how you used the red burlap in the frame!

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