Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Simple Sundays



                           super simple sun 003 

Cilantro for my kitchen. Ready to snip whenever I need it.


  1. Sure brings a pop of color and fragrance of Spring into the house. I like your setup with the touch of red.
    Each time I see red I think of Miss Daisy. Wont be long before you bring her back home.

  2. We did it again! I have the same red spoon rest sitting on my stove. Hummmmm?? Love the pop of color the cilantro brings, so cheery.

  3. Your kitchen must smell so good. What a lovely way to bring your garden indoors.

  4. Oh how I love cilantro!!! Have some in the fridge at all times....put it in my eggs, salad, and all sorts of other dishes. Can't wait to cast some seeds this spring and harvest it by the armfuls!!!

    Happy Sunday, Friend!


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