Monday, March 19, 2012

Eat Your Veggies

               chicks 001 

I mix up a bowl of snacks for my girls, Eleanor R, Amelia E, and Rosa P. most days. Yesterday’s snack was rice and some broccoli slaw.  Doesn’t look like the girls are any better than some little kids.  No greens for them!  They just like their starch!

  chicks 003

It’s been windy and rainy for days and when the girls are on their ‘walkabout’ they tend to congregate out of the elements on the front porch…..we love doing redneck here!

 chicks 028

‘Mama, where’s the rice?’

        chicks 006

Here’s what Amelia thinks about that.

      chicks 010

Rosa tapped on the front door and Dash went to say ‘hi’.  

           chicks 013 

‘What kind of bugs do you have in here?’ 

Rosa, what are you thinking!  As much as I love my girls, they can’t come in…darn, it would be so fun, until…..

 chicks 030

Can you see the iridescent greens in Rosa’s coat?  She’s sportin’ the green!

  chicks 038

I’m sure you can’t see the rain coming down but it was cats and dogs….bad! 

      chicks 049




  1. Snacker, my first chicken, she would follow me to the slider and stand there waiting for me to come out. She was an Australorp, with those gorgeous black irridescent feathers!! Great pictures Karen!!

  2. Ah ha ha ha.... chicken posts make me laugh. We have an onslaught of Asian beetles here. They look like a lady bug basically but they like an army. Yesterday my husband sucked them up from the sun room and gave them to "the girls" he said they were in heaven!


  3. Ahh, come on Mom, I just want to come in and check things out. Dash will take good care of us! My girls come to my back slider for treats every morning. Could it be I give them fruit? My crazy girls don't like carrots, even though I tell them it is good for them. So does this mean we are raising spoiled girls?? Hummmm, possibly!

  4. You have the healthiest and most attractive looking girls!
    Your pictures are wonderful!

  5. I love the names of your chickens! Your front? yard in the background of the picture looks like mine on the farmette I had...big front yard with long driveway to the road and I had a group of big pines where I had an old antique plow....when you have a BIG yard you can have BIG yard decorations!LOL! Obviously, it did not make the move with me! LOL!

  6. I love your chickens, Karen.
    They make me smile.

  7. I have an Esther that looks like your Rosa. Although right now she has gone through a molt and is not looking so pretty.


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