Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Need Green….

dash 002

I hope I am not scaring you with all this green but I feel surrounded by white and needed a change.  (A bit of my beautiful prayer plant.)

I guess I’m being inspired by a bit of old St Patty’s…for it is the month of March, but you wouldn’t know it to look out the window.

        dash 007  Bright greens, warm terra cotta, luscious budding stems.  I can hardly wait, for more. 

        chaps 016 

Some of my favorite things are green!  Could that be the Irish in me?


  1. One of my favorite colors. He's just the cutest little guy all bundled up in his jacket and car seat. So sweet!

  2. Thanx for the burst of green. I needed that!

  3. I am with you on the green thing too. So you have snow?

    I know I have irish in me so bring on the green!!!

    What a cutie!!! Look at that curly hair!

  4. You know I love green!! Omgosh..he is not a baby anymore!xoxo little trailer sold to a woman in Washington..she is coming to get her this month.

  5. just yacked w/ our gal-pal in Troy...she is at the cabin with 7" of fresh fallen snow... & here I was whining about our 3".. lol!
    I sooo agree with you... Green Please!
    Hugz & hang in there!

  6. I am craving green right now, too...a ritual of spring for me!

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  8. My FAVE color is Green! LOVE those leaves and that jacket on the little one looks comfy :)


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