Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Musings



It was a super, lovely, sunny day…yesterday.  I loved every minute of the temperate weather…60 degrees.  I worked in the yard.  My girls helped….well, sorta’, they were ‘turning over the soil’ for me.  After about the third time, I’d put all of the dirt back…I got smart and put up those little fence edges…you know the ones, little old ladies used around their gardens.  (Mine are a little newer version.)  Now I know why they used them…to keep their chickens out of their flower beds! 


  1. Pretty teacups and flowers.

  2. I loved loved loved yesterday. Spent most of the time outdoors. Nice that it happened on the weekend for those people who have to work for a living!

  3. "Little old Ladies" Hello!!! don't be makin' fun of me! lololol!

    I use those lil deco mini fences to keep my tortise out of certain plants! lol!

  4. Chickens are so "helpful" aren't they? Every time I spread mulch in my flower beds, they scatter it into the grass instead!! Guess I'll have to invest in a little ole lady fence!! HAH!

  5. Cute idea with the tea cups.

  6. I had to put a pretty high fence around my garden. My girls just hop over if it is too low.

  7. Thank goodness for fences or I would not have had a flower or vegi one.

    I'm sitting in the Reno airport waiting to go home. It will feel good to be home for I have a lead n a vintage trailer. I'm so excited!!!

    There's no place like home, can you hear me clicking my heals?

  8. Teacups with flowers lovely!!

    sweet blessings

  9. 60's is the perfect temp for working outside...mine's in the 80's already here and by evening the house is so warm I've got the ac going already. Ouch! Pricey but I can't take the heat anymore.


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