Friday, March 9, 2012

My Vintage Bath

                  house 005

Several years ago, I took out the window in my very small bathroom and opened it up into the back porch.  I needed to get my washer and dryer out of the kitchen.  Yes, it was appliance row in there.  This 109 year old house wasn't set up for inside water, let alone space for a bunch of ‘modern appliances’.

    house 021 

I was thrilled to nearly double my bathroom space with the laundry room….making free space in the kitchen, as well.  Yay!

 house 007

I like little old fashioned touches.  Opps, you weren't suppose to see that cotton ball in the corner of the window….keeping out the cold draft.

   house 020 (2)

 house 015

It appears that the lady, with her rolling eyes, sent this soldier a ‘Dear John’ letter. It’s a music sheet I couldn’t resist hanging with my washboards in the laundry.

 house 027 

   house 025 (2)

I love my spa bathtub….the old fashioned kind!
Thanks, for stopping by today….for a visit to my vintage bathroom. 



  1. I love it....wanna move into your bathroom!! How absolutely, perfectly quaint and wonderful!!! Great job. Now, come and help me do something with our guest house....oh yea, and you can stay there, too!!!

  2. Love your charming bathroom with all your special touches. The tall window is perfect for displaying all your accessories. Thanks for the tour:-)

  3. Oh my goodness!! I absolutely love your bathroom. Be still my heart! You can't go to PA without me, got it, LOL! I can be your laborer with you designing! Wow is all I can say!

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  5. love it Karen!!

    off to catch up now.


  6. Oh that is just so serine....can I come for a soak?

  7. It's cute. But you know that right? And the cotton ball, isn't that a chic new trend in window ledge deco?


  8. What a wonderful space Karen! I adore your claw foot tub! And how great to be so handy as you! You mean to tell me that one little ol cotton ball keeps the draft out?

  9. So adorable. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend....what's left of it.

  10. Don't you love those claw foot tubs? Ah, that's luxury!!
    Your whole bathroom is vintage sweetness. It's just my style!


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