Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thriftin’ Time Tuesdays

This may seem like an odd Thriftin’ Time post but I needed to get a UFO done and since I am doing it myself…I am being Thrifty!  Am I bad?

      pillow 003 

I made another pillow for ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ my 1969 Shasta trailer.

     pillow 004 

One side has a ruffled round circle. 

        pillow 008 

I cut out a medallion, used a little interfacing on the back and glued rick rack around the edge. 

       pillow 016 

Instant pillow.  That’s another UFO under the pillow.  My quilt need to be bound…yes, that is all I need to do to finish it but it’s been sitting on my ironing board for at least a year!

  pillow 015

Glamping time is not that far away….I had better get busy!


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  1. I so love your colors! Those pillows are darling, be careful someone might steal them, ME! I'm working on a quilt for my trailer but it may take a year to finish. You know that procrastination! Can't wait to go glamping!

    Oh this snow!! Tell it to go away! This best be the last blast of winter, I'm so ready for spring. Sending hugs your way!

  2. Your pillow turned out Beautiful! I Love the colors!!


  3. Oh those are scrummy!!! Now get that adorable quilt bound!!! I want to see it all sitting in Miss Daisy!!!!
    SO wish I could go glamping with you!!

  4. Colors are so cheery. Cute pillow. Lets get that quilt bound!! Seeya Monday Sis.

  5. Cute pillows. Hey, I could use some ideas on curtains, got any? Love your red stove.

  6. Karen
    I love your fabric combinations!
    I bet you can't wait to be 'Driving
    with Miss Daisy' again!!

  7. This is so kewl would luv for you to share it with our readers at

  8. the trailer is adorable I never thought I would want one but if I had one that looked like that it might change my mind

  9. Adorable pillow- love the red and green/aqua(?) combo!

  10. I love the fabric and your colors! That trailer is too cute for words!
    What do you do with your dog when you go? They don't allow dogs do they? There's no chapter close by here and I have no trailer but for me I could probably use my Tahoe as they have screens you can get for the windows. But alas....no one even close around here. I'll have to live vicariously through your adventures in Glamping!

  11. So cute! Love those bright colors!


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