Thursday, March 22, 2012

UFO Finish

                quilt 001 

I finally did it!  Yep, my ‘Trailer Trash’ quilt is done.  I started this quilt for ‘Trailer Trash’ my 1959 Aljo trailer, two years ago.  Unfortunately, Trailer Trash died in July of 2010. 

A freak wind came up on a perfectly calm sunny summer afternoon and ripped her open like a can opener.  I  heard a terrible roaring sound and looked out the window to see her being demolished before my eyes. 

tt 004 (800x600)

I had been remodeling her, she had major water damage, so her skin was open and that wind just opened her up and flattened her in no time.

 tt 009 (800x600)

Needless to say, after this, I didn’t want to think about trailers, quilts or decorating one.  But thanks, to a dear friend, Gracie, I was talked into looking for another one and found ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ in October of 2010.

   ms daisy 018 (1024x783) (800x612)

I picked a Mexican theme and tried to use some of the colors in my quilt, so that, if and when, I finished it…she would match…a bit.

      quilt 009 


 quilt 012 

                    flowers and Ms D 014

Here’s a view of part of the kitchen in the new trailer.

              mig 007



I think my new quilt will feel right at home inside Ms. Daisy.

                     mig 037

      (Yes, that is me at a Mexican themed party, last summer at my friend, Mig’s.  She is working on another trailer and it will be Mexican, like mine!  I can’t wait to see it.)

I have so much more decorating to do before the Cabelas' show.  A bunch of local, Sisters on the Fly will be displaying their vintage trailers at Cabelas’ in Stateline, Idaho, on April 21st, from 9-4.  And MaryJane Butters (of MaryJane’s Farm ) told me she will be there with her newly decorated Airstream!  I can’t wait to see it!  You just know it is going to be full of sweet things!


Join some parties….

The 36th AVENUE
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                                                              Beyond The Picket Fence






                                                         Tickled Pink at 504 Main




  1. Karen, You are cute as a button in your sombrero! Miss Daisy is looking fabulous and I have such a case of trailer envy. I don't, however, envy your weather. We are supposed to have an 80 degree afternoon today. So if you get tired of Winter....just head over here to the east coast for a visit and get your fill of Spring!

    Have a great day, friend,

  2., love, love the quilt!!

  3. Your little trailer is lovely - the red is so perfect! Your newly finished quilt will look so sweet. I am totally jealous of your Ms. Daisy!!! Have fun with Mary Jane - some day I will get to visit her too!

  4. I'd love to have a little trailer! What a dream you have--so sweet. Your quilt is beautiful.

  5. Hello Karen! I LOVE how your quilt turned out! The colors are wonderful and just makes me smile! Wish I knew how to quilt. The quilt will look pretty in Miss Daisy! Have fun at the event! Take pics of MaryJane's trailer for us!

  6. The quilt colors are perfect for Daisy. That Cabelas show should be a hoot. Take pictures so we can see some of the other trailers too.


  7. wow! She will look beautiful in the new trailer! I love the quilt and the interior of that trailer!!

  8. You remind me of Shirley McClain when she was younger! That's meant as a compliment because for the longest time you reminded me of someone but I couldn't think of who! Now I know!
    I'm sorry about your previous trailer! That was awful but looks like you have a beauty in Ms. Daisy.
    I love your decorating and the quilt is out of this world! I love your curtain material too. It all goes together so beautifully.

  9. Ohhh, how sad about your trailer! Ms Daisy, on the other hand is going to be fabulous!
    great quilt, love you in your hat!
    thanks for sharing @ catch as catch can.

  10. I absolutely love your quilt. Sew pretty!


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