Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cabela’s Meet and Greet

sotf 016

I had a wonderful time with my fellow Sisters on the Fly, last Saturday at Cabela’s in Stateline, Idaho.  It was ladies day and six of us put our lovely vintage/new trailers on display.  This sweet Kenskill was for sale and didn’t last long.  She went to a Cabela’s employee!  Way to go Tammy (sotf)….we now have lots of new friends at Cabela’s.


                           sotf 018 

This sweet trailer still has the original interior.  It’s a wonderful step back in time! 

sotf 020 

             sotf 017 


          sotf 015 

As you can imagine, we had 100’s of people stop by and visit, lots with stories of their own, about camping ‘back in the day’.  It was a kick hearing all their stories. 

sotf 013

This cute little Casita (2007) is owned by Vicki and has it all, including air!  

       sotf 014 

Isn’t this super cute and cozy?

    sotf 001

And my Driving Ms. Daisy, with my new rig attached…love how easy it is to handle my trailer with my new Highlander from Toyota! 

      sotf 004 

          sotf 006 

I found new flooring and I hope to get it laid soon.

    sotf 008

Here’s Thea’s 1995 Dutchman…cute as a button, with a full bath, shower included!!  Yeah!

              sotf 010

Love that boot pillow!  How cute is that?

        sotf 021

Here’s Kelly, manning the lead trailer, her Corvette.  Thanks for organizing this wonderful event….first of many!  It was a huge success, even though we were small in numbers.

        sotf 024

I just love the all wood interior…of this 1954 vintage beauty!

        sotf 028


        sotf 023

Isn’t that the cutest shelf for flower pots?

      sotf 022

Last but not least, this sweet 1957 Aljo also belonging to Tammy.  It’s a real treasure!  Love the awning!

            sotf 031 

          sotf 030


        sotf 033 

Adorable décor! 


sotf 035

Needless to say, we had a great day and it was the start of some marvelous weather….finally! 

Stop by and party…



  1. The trailers all looked really cute, wish I had been there too! Next time for sure. I'll be out of school May 11th. Whoo Hooo!

  2. I can hardly wait to see you all!

  3. What a fun event! I just can't get over all the exterior eye candy I'm seeing. Love the plant shelf, vintage coolers, chalkboard sign, etc. They're all looking mighty fine!

  4. You know how much those trailers make me swoon!!!!!! What fun!!! I would SO love to join you!!!

  5. Loved seeing all the pictures of the decorations & etc of the trailers. Sounds like you all had a super great time. Can't wait to see other adventures. Have a great week.

  6. The trailers are great. I picked up some ideas to decorating mine. I best kick it in gear and get to doing just that. May 31st will be here before I know it! I almost have the quilt done for my trailer though. One step at a time! I hope you are having a great week!!!!

  7. So fun to see you all and all the great trailers. I love love yours so inviting and bright!

  8. Very sweet! All of them! You all have them decorated so cute and I love the shelf with the flowerpots too and your potholder swag in yours. Did you say one has an actual bathtub? That's the one for me!!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing it all!

  9. Hope I can meet up with you ladies on a trip this year. Keeping my ears open.

  10. WOWIE!! ZOWIE!! Looks like so much fun and love, love, LOVE all the trailers and decor!

  11. Dang it! So sorry I could not join you all,,, that weekend was just to full on my calender...
    Anyhow, next year for sure.
    OMG! I can't believe Tammy parted with the "Arrow Motel"... some lucky person is going to love Glamping in it!
    Hugz & see ya on Friday... :)

  12. Oh my goodness! I'm in love with this post. So much trailer goodness. Thanks for sharing these. They bring back so many wonderful memories from back in the day. Can't beat that! I'm your newest follower. Hope you'll stop by and visit my place some time!

  13. It looks like you had a great time. The trailers are amazing...I love anything retro. How about those crocheted potholders hanging like art...ingenious!
    I need you ladies to show up at my nearest Cabelas!


  14. Hello, what is the paint color on the wall in the seating area in picture 9? I love it and want to use it in my bedroom. Thanks.


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