Monday, April 2, 2012

Eggs the Right Way

Many of us have backyard chickens…a flock or even two or three and they are giving us wonderful, fresh eggs.  And don’t they taste wonderful? We love them so fresh but they are hard to peel when hard-boiled.

      egg 001

Here’s a few tips to make that easier. 

1. Start with older eggs, at least 7-10 days old.  To test the eggs you have on hand, place them in a sink of water.  Fresh eggs will fall on their sides.  Older ones will stand on end.  Toss any floating eggs…they are past their prime.

2. Place eggs in a single layer in a saucepan.  Cover with water.  Bring to a rapid boil, then cover with a well-fitting lid and turn off the heat.  Let stand for 12-15 minutes, depending on the size of the egg. (I just boil mine for 10 minutes.)

3. For easy peeling, place eggs in a a bowl with cold water and ice, which will cool them quickly, helping to loosen the shells.  Remove shells as soon as possible.

4. Tap eggs on the counter to crack all over.  Starting on the large end, peel under running water. 

                              yard and coop 031


I found this info in the most recent Better Homes and Gardens.  I have been using this method for some time and it works great.


  1. Hi Karen,
    There you are, I had to google you to find you.If I clicked on your name when you leave me a post it won't go to your site. Glad I found you anyway.
    I posted a picture on my blog of the bag you made for me, you know if you miss it and want to see it again.
    Yes fresh eggs are the best. When I lived a home we always had fresh. Now I don't. Guess mailing me some would not be a good idea.
    Hope all is good with you.
    Nancy Jo

  2. That's funny because as I was reading it, I thought...that's exactly how I do mine! LOL! Then I saw where you got it from; BH&G cookbook and that was where mine came from, years ago! I still have my Mother's red and white checked cookbook and mine. The new ones are healthier but they don't have some of the same recipes or they've made them healthier so they don't taste the same. I'm all for "healthy" but when it comes to the holidays and family get togethers we like our traditional dishes that we grew up with. So, save those old red and white checkered cookbooks! I wouldn't be the great cook I am today (choke, choke) if it hadn't been for that great book! Truth be told, I wouldn't even be able to boil water to cook those eggs! LOL! Thanks for the memories!

  3. Beautiful blog Karen, I am so happy Nancy Jo sent me on over.

  4. Love the post today. Look how pretty you chicken coop is! How do you keep it so clean. Yes, I love my fresh eggs!

    Hopefully my squiggle worms are gone. I didn't even know I had them, Ugh! And to think I complained about everyone else. I wonder if a blog update automatly did that. Oh well it is off now, I hope!

  5. I know who will be 'finding' fresh eggs this Easter Sunday.... the cutest lil guy who has a wonderful Grammy & 3 wonderful Hens... lol!

  6. Our 3 girls are leaving us two to three eggs a day...bless their little fowl hearts.



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