Monday, July 30, 2012

Elk River, Idaho

elk river 005 

This adorable canned ham is Linda’s trailer and she was my neighbor over the weekend…..a totally fun weekend in Elk River at Juli’s place….way toooooo  much fun! 

           elk river 004 

Take a seat, this may be a long post!

elk river 006

Here’s Bonnie’s trailer…it’s a beauty. 

elk river 007

And sweet Carolyn is right between us.   I love her chicken yard!

elk river 008 

And here I am  with a new umbrella! 

elk river 011

Right across from me….Ms Betsy Ross…aka, Linner! 

elk river 012

And Sweet Patty kiddy corner from me.

 elk river 050

Here’s she is doing a watermelon thing!!  elk river 053

We never stop laughing…it’s such good medicine!  elk river 017

The upper tier.

 elk river 018 

The lower tier….and that Runamuk trailer belongs to Sylvia.

elk river 084 

elk river 078


elk river 080

Don’t you just love the décor?

elk river 026

Here’s Mig and Juli, our host.

elk river 033 

Yes, we are treated like royalty, fabulous desserts, food all over the place, all the time!  elk river 041

Carolyn was baking in her oven, making raspberry pies!!!  I was stunned!

elk river 032 

Everyone dug through their trailers and come up with amazing food.

  elk river 036

Just too cute!

 elk river 038 


elk river 039

We even had live entertainment. 

elk river 047

It was so hot we spent a great deal of time in the pool, while others hit the river.  A little Ester Williams work here. 

elk river 052 

elk river 059

We all dressed up as Queens’ of our choice, I was South of the Border Queen….representing those places on us that seem to go South as we age.  It was a real hoot and we walked down into the little town and run into a wedding with a band and ended up dancing for a bit!

elk river 068

We always have fun at Girl Camp!

 elk river 069

It really looks like everyone has a good time.


  1. Looks like so much fun when you get together with your gals and campers. Miss Daisy is looking good.

  2. Karen, I've decided my trailer will be "The Tiger Den" in honor of my high school, Jerome, Idaho. Now I just have to find one, find a car that will haul it, and start decorating!

  3. Looks like the BEST time EVER!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Karen, how fabulous! Just need a little belly dancing!
    Thanks for sharing...l
    Hugs to you all...

  5. Such a great post. Thanks for sharing. I can't stop looking at all the trailers and the fun you all are having. Have a great week.

  6. This was the best weekend ever! Thanks so much for taking such awesome pictures and being so much fun~

  7. Oh my goodness.....what a hoot! Love the trailers! Yours looks so great with her new paint and umbrella, and wings!! Speaking of umbrella, I love that retro yellow with fringe and floral print underneath. I believe my folks had one exactly like it when I was growing up! LOVE it!!!!
    Such fun. Oh how I want to join in!!!
    XO Kris

  8. This is just too much fun. Love the pool scene and all of you playing dress up. You ladies fix up your outside spaces better than a lot of homes I've seen. Fabulous!!

  9. What great photos of all the fun!!It was so fun to go, Oh I know her and I know her and then it was Oh, look at all the fun I missed! I keep saying next year, next year and I best start saying this year, this year!!! I got my eye on a trailer, keeping my figures cross they want to sale her! Wish me luck!

  10. looks like a usual! I wish I could've been there!! Glad you had a blast and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your trailer paint. Looks incredible!!

  11. OMG! what a great weekend we had.... I was so tired, that once I hit the hay, I did not wake up until 7:30 this a.m.,,, I was plumb tuckered out from all the fun, mischief & mayhem we got into!(not to mention the food!) lol!
    hugz & Happy trails!

  12. What a fun post! Everyone had fun, it seems, except for the rubber chicken! Love those photos - great camper decor too!

  13. So cool!!!! What a fun time!Those campers are decorated beautifully!

  14. Oh my, this isn't my night..I left a comment, then it tripled, and now it's gone...
    I'll try again...
    The trailers and you girls are marvelous....what fun!!

  15. Wonderful photos of a wonderful time! I'm just so proud of your fabulousness!

  16. Karen, what a great pictures and looks like you all had a blast! Love the pool shot of the bathing beauties and you in the middle! You are adorable! Keep on, keeping on! Hugs, Maryjane

  17. This is beyond fantastic. I found your blog on funky junk interiors and this is so great. What better time could be had than this and with so many wild and wonderful women as friends, life has to be good. xox

  18. looks like it was a fabulous weekend - plenty of fun and laughter - and don't ask me why it took me so long - but I'm your newest follower!

  19. Thanks for sharing! Great pictures, love the trailers, the trailer names and the looks like you all had way to much fun!

  20. Elk River?! Did you by any chance go into the antique store in Troy? That's my favorite shop!


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