Thursday, July 5, 2012


Sisters 218

Check out this cute Coca Cola trailer…..

                Sisters 213


          Sisters 214


Sisters 216


Sisters 197


Sisters 198

Oh boy, an open door! 

Sisters 200


Sisters 199


Sisters 201

Another cute Shasta….with wings!

 Sisters 202


Sisters 203


Sisters 204


Sisters 206


Sisters 207


Sisters 208


Sisters 210


Sisters 211


Sisters 219


Sisters 220


Sisters 221


Sisters 222


Sisters 225

Yay, another Shasta!

Sisters 226 

Just had to show you the back of this trailer!! 

Sisters 227 


Sisters 228


This Aladdin was so cute, unfortunately, I never got to see the inside.


Sisters 229


Sisters 230


Sisters 231


Sisters 232


Sisters 233


Sisters 237

You might think some of the trailers are really gussied up but check out Mig and Paula…..


Sisters 163



                   Sisters 146


Sisters 128


  1. The trailers are just so cute! Nothing like hanging out your big girl panties! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  2. Makes me happy right down to my toes!

  3. So adorable. I love seeing all the things people do with their trailers. Im currently restoring mine in to a mobile boutique. Come on over and check Petunia out.


  4. Oh My Gosh!!!
    What FUN you gals must have!!! I LOVE the big girl panties!!! Looks like too much FUN!
    Makes me want one! "Trailer" (I already have the big panties!)

  5. I just love seeing all the trailers. So wish I was able to have one and sisters to travel with. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Be still my heart. Those trailers are all so cute and different! I would spend all my time just touring them! You gals are soooooooo lucky to be able to do this!

  7. So many personalities and they're all so cute!!! I love the one with panties on the back...cute.
    Sure looks like fun!!!!

  8. I must have one of those trailers! I love love love them.
    I love the laundry!

  9. Karen,
    Love the bloomers!
    xo, Cheryl

  10. we do 'have or fun than anyone'.... the Sisters on the Fly motto! It is a blast and I can never stop looking at all the cute decor!!

  11. Love, love, love the trailers! I want one, except we have a 27' 2009 Terry. It is our cabin on wheels. If I brought that to an would be so out of place. Thank you for all the photos!

  12. Karen,
    Looks like a fun time!LOVE seeing all of these campers inside and out.The art work outside is amazing.And I LOVE how they are all decorated on the inside too.


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