Monday, August 20, 2012

My Secret Garden Giveaway

stars 007

Everything in the Secret Garden has just outdone itself this year.  My Star Gazer Lilies are topping the six foot mark.  The Hollyhocks….eight to ten feet.

And speaking of things outdoing themselves ….this is my 1000th posting!!!  I think that calls for a giveaway!  Don’t you think?

        stars 001

This is the giant Hollyhock supporting the five/six foot lily.  They are just amazing, again this year. 

So, if you would like to join in the giveaway, I am asking two things….

#1  Follow my blog, if you aren’t already and….

#2  Tell me your childhood nickname and how you felt about it. 

  stars 008

Since this is the season for Sunflowers, I thought some of you might like to have some of your own…..since I don’t have any in the garden…how about these?

  tote 017

This giveaway, includes this homemade tote…great for carrying packages, laptop, books, groceries, garden tools, or …..  two homemade cotton dish cloths and a lovely crochet doily.  And I will also send you some Hollyhock seeds, in several shades of pink, from my garden. 

I will chose a winner on Sunday August  26th by 5 pm.  Good luck! 



  1. Beautiful garden photos. And although I would love that tote....I already have one of your lovely bags! So I am not entering your giveaway this time, friend. Best of luck to the rest of will love this bag!! Karen you do such great work on these!!

    When I was little my Mom used to call me "Blanche" or "Gert" . And when I got to school because my name was Beverly George, the kids either called me "George of the Jungle" or 'Beverly Hillbillies" ! So I guess I never had a nickname that I truly cared much for!!

    Have a great day, Karen....

  2. Wow! What a generous giveaway. I'm not entering to be the winner because how would it look if your sister would win?!

    My sweet Irish Dad had several nicknames for me but the one that has stuck through my lifetime and memories is "sharnymcclarny".

  3. wow..I will take Beverly's and sharnymcclarny's chances along with my own to win that beautiful tote!!..ha! does it work that way? I never had a nickname but I always wanted a boy name or something unusual....I met a girl named mercy...her real name no less....I thought how cool would that be...

  4. You are the first blog I have "followed"! Would love to win the sunflowers, I can't grow those flowers for some reason but I love them!! Thanks for the opportunity!!! Oh as far as a nickname, my real name is Polly Ann and it went to Polly wants a cracker, Polly Parrot, you get the drift:(

  5. I love the bag and dish clothes but I so excited about the Holly Hock seeds. I did have a few nicknames as a child. One endearing name;NOT that my brother gave me and still calls me is Porky. Yes, his grand kids all call me Aunt Porky, Love Him! But the name that has stuck since grade school is Junebug or Bugs as it was shorten in High School.
    Hope you are having a great day and camping soon.
    PS I am taking Jazi to Lincoln City camping!!!

  6. Karen,
    Love your blog, it makes me smile. I think of you often:)
    As for nicknames, I had two. The first one came about after and accident in 3rd grade that caused both of my front teeth to be split. The dentist put stainless steel crowns on which is why I was called "can-opener". I had them from 3rd until 8th grade. Kids can be so cruel. The next nickname I got was "Crow" which came from my maiden name Cronin. That one stuck and my HS classmates still call me that.
    Your FGF,
    Diane Van Horn

  7. Good morning Karen. Your flowers are beautiful!!! Happy 100th post! I am already a follower. My childhood nick name was Mouse. I don't know why my Dad started to call me that, but it stuck. He bought me mice. I have hundreds of them. Crystal, stuffed, giant, tiny, all sorts.
    : ) Kris

  8. I just love your garden, can never get enough of your pictures....I still need to come and take lessons.

  9. I guess my only nickname was shared with my sister. She is 13 months older than me & we were the youngest. So we did everything together & our parents lumped us together quite a bit. They called us the youngin's or the littlin's when talking about us.

    I didn't really have a nickname personally.

    I've followed you for a short while now & really LOVE your blog. This is such a beautiful giveaway. I hope I win.

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  11. Good afternoon Karen! I just found your blog through Moving Forward with Alzheimer's and I think it's beautiful and will be a follower.

    I am so envious of the fact that you must have had a lot of rain this summer. Here in the Midwest, we've had almost none, so no flowers.

    As far as nicknames, I had several, let's see if I can remember all of them:

    First one was TeTe. My name is Judi and TeTe is what my younger brothers and sisters called me growing up.

    Second one was Four-eyes. I wore glasses. Aren't kids nice?

    Third one was Purple Raccoon. I had made a fashion statement with my eyeglasses when I was about 10. Yep, purple, round frames.

    Fourth one, sometimes alternated with Four Eyes, was Clark Bar, yes, you guessed it, my last name was Clark.

    I'm sure there were more, but these are the ones that really "stick" in my memory.

    I think your tote and handwork are beautiful and I hope I win (selfish as that sounds!)Maybe next year, we'll have rain and I can grow the seeds.


  12. Love the secret garden. The bag is awesome. Love sunflowers. I have a problem with them at times. My school nickname....I was often called Annette cuz they thought I looked like her (Annette Funicello). Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  13. I follow your blog...

    My mom called me Angie with a hard G instead of the J sound... I hated it!

  14. Your secret garden is so beautiful and enchanting.... and so are your beautiful sun flower gifts.... very beautiful!

    My nick name has been 'Sweetie' for many years, and I love the name.

  15. My childhood nickname was Mugsy. I hated it but was so shy that I never once complained. Love the tote Karen. Hope to see you at a "Sisters" event real soon.

  16. I am a follower for some time now.
    your garden is just wonderful.
    I never had a nick name my name is Cathy it is not short for anything.
    my family believed in the whole name I guess my mother was Geraldine I never heard her called anything else.
    when I married my husband my father in law called me Cat which was fine.

  17. Hey 'Ms Daisy',,,, what a sweet idea for a give-away..... and congrats on your 1000th post!

    Yep, as you know...I peek/follow your blog...and as for my nick name...why 'Gabby Gertie' of cource! gee I wonder why! lol!

  18. some nasty children used to call me "Butcher" because of my last name which is "Kasapi"and in English means Butcher!!I felt really uncomfortable about that!!

    What a beautyful garden you have!!

    Eva Kasapi

  19. Hi you are very generous with the lovelies in your giveaway! thanks for the chance to win.. i am now following your blog and i had a sweet nickname given to me by my big brother he called me HON and i called him BRUB. wonderful memories. thanks for the opportunity to win such beautiful goodies. cheryl

  20. I'd love to be the lucky winner of your giveaway and I'm already a happy follower of your blog.
    My childhood nickname was...Ben or Benjamin. When I was ten, my two best friends, Dawni and Jodi, decided we wanted shorter names and so Dawni became Don, Jodi became Joe, and the only name they could come up with for Betsy, was Ben. It stuck for years and years, and my brother and sister still call me Ben.

  21. Love your blog- have been following for awhile now. Sure hope I win this fun give away- my nickname in high school was Race, I was on the varsity track team, then tennis. However I got the name when playing powderpuff football from the senior guy coaches. Was never sure if it was a good thing...:)

  22. Never had a nickname. People either called me by my given first name or my last name. Can't say I had any feelings about it one way or another at the time.

    Must've decided I needed one, though, so I gave myself one:

    Girl Camping Girl!


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