Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sweet Saturdays

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At last, a Saturday at home…now I am not complaining, I love to hit the road in Driving Ms. Daisy but there is nothing like a whole weekend to yourself.  I would like to say….’doing nothing’ but that’s not going to be the case. 

Next Wednesday, I will be heading to the Selkirk's for a horse trip.  (Nope, Ms. D, stays home.)  Yep, me on a horse, can you picture it?  So I will be packing, sorting, repacking and cleaning this weekend.  I’ve only been on a horse about three times in my life, so this is a real adventure.  I don’t have a bucket list but every once in awhile, opportunities come along….so I just jump in.  The idea of riding a horse on mountain trails sounds so romantic…but I am sure it will turn out more like the movie ‘City Slickers’…..which I am.  I even went out and got a cowboy hat, some old vintage cowboy boots and some slick new riding jeans (two sizes smaller!!!)  


I’ve been working out with a trainer, since the end of June.  Building some strength…. to pull myself up on that horse….heheee.  I also walked a lot, until I hurt my back.  I just keep plugging away and I have lost about 25 lbs., this go round but it’s the inches that are amazing me.  I am down 1-2 sizes!  I look down at myself and wonder who that body belongs to…’s been a long time. 


I found inspiration over at Tales From the Coop Keeper, Jayme, is just a kick in the pants and sometimes…the butt.  She has been on a weight loss journey and I have been ‘eating up’ every word.  In the beginning, I just read and marveled at her strength and determination….now, I am one of the winners too!  Stop over to her blog for a few laughs…..she a dear.

Here is a wonderful post from Jamie’s blog…here …it’s fabulous.


  1. Congrats on the 25 lbs! I'm sure the horse will appreciate it, sorry couldn't resist! I wonder what it is but I've also dropped 25lbs since I last saw you. Yep, 2 sizes! Scarey the similarities and we didn't even talk about weight loss! You have fun on that horse ride, the company alone will keep you laughing! hugs!!

  2. I'm thinkin' that as soon as you dropped some baggage (you know what I mean!) it helped you drop some of
    the weight. You're looking great girl as always!!!! Hope you have a wonderful trip, the weather holds and you have a sweet friendly horse.

  3. You go girl!! I think I read somewhere that 12 pounds equals one size. Makes me think I really need to get going and lose my last 10 pounds once and for all!xo

  4. You are really an inspiration! Not only the weight loss, which is great, but going horse riding in the mountains too. Wowsa!
    I can't wait to see your photos from your trip. Keep us posted.

  5. Congrats on the weight loss. Horseback riding, WOW, that will be an adventure. I am also a fan of Jayme. I hope you have the greatest time ever. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kathy - for some reason, I don't get your blog postings - even though I signed as a any case - your trip sounds terrific - have a fabulous time.
    And thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments...with my current photo, "relax", I use PicMonkey to insert the text and use the transparent editing function...hope that helps!

  7. Happy dance for any woman committed to shedding some pounds and actually doing it! Since June? Makes me feel like a real slug all summer.


  8. Hey there beautiful! Thanks for the shout out - I appreciate it so much. I adore your camper. I really want to get a girls camp thing going!


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