Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fairy Forest Weekend

migs 059 

It was a birthday weekend, (happy birthday, Mig) and a Sisters on the Fly and friends, get together over in the beautiful woods of Idaho.  Thanks, Mig.  Isn’t this the cutest pillow made from a t-shirt?  I love it Mig.


       migs 027 


Here is the birthday girl on the right, Mig, with Debbie….you go girls!


migs 037 (635x1024)


Miggy’s mama looking just stunning at 91!  Or is she going on 17?  Fabulous!

  migs 033 (1024x429)


Love the hats!


 migs 057 


I love this tray that Mig made for her new cowgirl trailer…the Hobo! 


migs 056 


 migs 054


migs 055


This girl knows how to decorate!


 migs 053


Inside and out!


  migs 067


Can you believe how cute this is….?  I just love the shape. 


  migs 081


Love this warm décor…Mexico! 


migs 085


migs 092


I just had to laugh, when Shasta on the left, tried to hide behind the screen door to check out the two month old chicks….bad dog!


 migs 069


Ok, I know you want to see more cute vintage trailers….well, here you go, this is Carolyn’s Chick on the Run…pretty cute, huh? 


migs 068



migs 073


Lisa is a newbie…but she really has a gift…for decorating!  This is the same trailer as mine, she is not sure of the year but maybe a ‘72, where mine is a ‘69.


  migs 071 


migs 072


This girl knows how to entertain!  However, you just need to wait, this gal….well, let me just say, she knows how to show off her Irish blood, hey, Lisa, you are Irish, right? 


migs 074


I just love this….It’s so light and airy…so open…lots of room..just like mine but the openness of the curtains…the colors…love it all! 


 migs 076


Too cute! 


migs 088

This is Island Girl’s trailer, our hostess…..she is the most loving person I have ever met.  And tomorrow, I will be showing you the forest fairies…..





  1. I Love it all! ♥

  2. How fun. I love to see the inside photos too. Some day I hope to have a family camper to decorate. Until then, I'll enjoy yours.

  3. Such grandness. Thank you for sharing.

  4. so wish I didn't have to be an 'Adult' that weekend! :>(

  5. Seeing these is such a treat - thanks for sharing!

  6. Clever name that Chick on the run - and if it wasn't tempting enough to decorate a cute trailer all vintage and hang out with a bunch of fun women, now I see you do that in your JAMMIES! Best idea ever!


  7. Karen,

    I just found your blog. I love all the camper pics you've posted! I too have been bit by the vintage camper bug. I'm just finishing a 1972 Frolic dubbed the Pink Paradise. Check it out if you get a second :)

  8. Well, I just left a comment on your post about the Farm Chicks weekend, had no idea the other photo I wanted permission to use was yours as well (because I found it on another website). So again, I would like to request your permission to use the photo of the dining booth in Lisa's adorable citrus camper!

    1. That would be fine if you give references back to my blog or at least the blog name. Thanks.


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