Monday, September 16, 2013

Karen’s Camp

Karen's Kristmas Kamp 001


Last weekend was my fourth annual glamping weekend here in Cheney, WA.  The theme this year…..Christmas.


You might want to grab some coffee, this is a long post. 


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 006


Mig just loves to decorate and Christmas is one of her favorites.  This is her newest trailer, a Hobo. 


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 016


Even The Chicken Mansion got some bling!


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 030


Betsy Ross always looks great!


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 031


Denise’s sweet silver bullet wears her bling all the time!  This sweet trailer evens shines at night. 


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 032


Linda’s trailer is a work in progress, can’t wait to see the final product. 


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 034


Juli’s spent the weekend in this sweet and sassy one…..she has four vintage trailers. 


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 033


Sherry’s ‘Me Too” got to spend a night with us, too. 


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 035


It’s always fun to see Carolyn’s ‘Chick on the Run’!


 Karen's Kristmas Kamp 039


Yes, that is a lavender Christmas tree in The Chicken Mansion! 


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 042 


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 043


The girl’s hung out in the Chicken Mansion, to see what all the fuss was about.

 Karen's Kristmas Kamp 024


It was unseasonably warm (low 90’s) for Christmas!  It put us in the ‘relaxing in the shade’ mode. 


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 026


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 025


Sherry relaxed in the shade, trying on her new hats.


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 046


It didn’t take us long to gear up for our annual garage saling trip.  This is my rig….and we filled up a large pickup truck, as well!


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 048


What a haul!

 Karen's Kristmas Kamp 059


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 058


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 057


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 050


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 061


Mig bought the chase lounge and this adorable mermaid ash tray, which is her favorite find this weekend.  Isn’t it adorable?


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 063


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 062


I got all those pretty designer clothes and the turquoise jewelry, belts, and a new cowboy hat!  I just love the new outfits!  Those long sleeve bling t shirts are so cool, too.  I got that cute raincoat for my grandson Grayson and some books for Maxwell. 


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 071 


Carolyn dressed as a tree and don’t you just love the hair!!!??? 




Guess who was Santa? 




Karen's Kristmas Kamp 038



Karen's Kristmas Kamp 076


We all knew there was to be a sudden change in the weather on Sunday night but did not expect the winds to be so bad.  This tree was scheduled to be bound, as it was splitting down the center, in the coming days, but just didn’t want to wait. 






  1. What a fun time you always have, and this Christmas one was definitely one too.

  2. As always some beautiful caravans. You all seem to have a lot of fun.
    Love that you put a Christmas tree in for the chickens. This is what I would of done.

  3. Karen, Fun stuff !!!! I love those sweet little campers...sure wish I had one. xoxo,Susie

  4. What a great event.... combining good friends, activities you love, and your little doll houses too!! So sorry about the tree, I'm sure you will miss it!!

    So what's up for Halloween?

  5. So glad to see that you have returned. I enjoyed every bit of it and thanks for sharing. Love all the goodies that you found. Have a great week.

  6. Looks like your party was a great success (and you sucked up the last little bit of summer too). Good timing!

  7. I spy a twinkle in Santa's eye! ♥

    1. Yes, there was, I had never done anything like that, I was totally out of my element but it felt like the shoe fit! Or should I say the boot fit?

  8. Was that at your place? But you don't live across the street from that hotel? Your house is darling and all the haul from the sales! WooHoo! I've been really good this thrifting and no sales....trying to clean and clear out. What fun you all had but sad about your tree. Thanks for sharing all of it...looks like a great time was had by all!

  9. What a fun weekend you gals had!! i would love to crash the party some year, maybe when I'm retire and have the travel time!! Isn't Carolyn the cutest tree, and did Santa come down the chimney? What a haul, you girls know how to shop!!!

  10. poor Dash....hard work keeping track of everyone!

    1. You know what he just loved every minute of it. He was even dancing on the dining room chairs, just to see what we were doing

  11. Your weekends with the girls always make me smile. Too much fun! What a fun idea to decorate for Christmas...and still enjoy the weather.

  12. OMG you guys crack me up. So much fun! I LOVE that sailboat painting.

  13. What a great time you must have had. Love all the glampers. I am in glamper search mode, hopefully next summer I will find one. I just finished stitching up a pillow in the colors I want for the inside decor, will be sharing it in a blog hop on the 30th. I am drawn to the small red Formica top of some sort in your pile of goodies.

  14. And a good time was had by all, I'm sure..Love the sailboat...Thanks for sharing Karen..

  15. So which kind of trailer do I want? A cute one for sure, shiny or painted, I guess it doesn't matter, I love them all.

  16. The only thing wrong with these photos... I wasn't in them this year! But I did spy my pink Christmas tree in the Chicken Mansion! So I guess, in spirit,,,& pink tree,,, I was there!
    Glad you all made awesome finds!
    Hugz & I miss you all... oh and give Dashypoo a kissypoo from my kitties & me!

  17. Tons of fun as always. Love seeing all the trailers.

  18. I want to thank you for all your posts. I really enjoy reading and seeing all the trailers. I am wondering how you attached the market umbrella to your trailer? Would you take a pic and share with us?

    1. It's really simple, I just used a bungee cord wrapped around the handle by the side of my door. Fits there perfectly. Thanks for the kudos!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I really have to get my act together and fancy up my Shasta. I need to find someone to help. I am no DIY-er. But this all looks like too much fun for words! I spied a fantastic vintage tablecloth in that haul too! Fun!!!!


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