Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Moving Day

new cage 003


Dash has been the very best brother….ever.  Every time he hears a loud screech, he comes a runnin’.


  new cage 004


The six little girls moved into a new home today.  They are growing so fast!


 new cage 008


The one who has Dash running to the rescue, is the Golden Sex Link, in the middle, Pocahontas.  She tried to hit the trails, (jumping completely out of the wash tub and on to the carpet) at about 10days old!  I believe she is a bit flighty. 

The one on the right is Mae West.  The Barred Rock, in the middle; is Bell Starr (she has a star on top of her head).  The other Barred Rock is Calamity Jane, and the littlest one, the Buff Orrpington, who just turned one (week) is Annie Oakley.  The missing one….on the bottom of the pile is Ms. Kitty.  She is pretty small, as well.


new cage 009


I think Mae West has the most beautiful eyes and coat.  Can’t you just picture one of Mae’s shawls, it would look just like these feathers…

The girls are growing so fast, their coats change everyday and I can even see some combs starting.  This group seems to be developing much faster than my last group.  I hope they don’t get too big too soon, as it is still very cold out and the coop would be very difficult to keep super warm for them. 



  1. I love there names!!! They will be growing fast and you'll probably will have a heat light in the coop soon, LOL!!! I turn my heat lamp off in my coop a couple weeks ago. I think my girls like it but it's time for Spring!! Boy do they love running in the back yard with the fresh green grass. Yours will be out and running soon. I wish they stayed baby chicks longer. Have a great week!

  2. Karen, I love the names for your new girls!!! So fun to raise a new brood! Hope it warms soon for you! I have not been able to keep up with my blogging pals very well lately. Tomorrow is Mama's surgery. Praying for good news!!
    XO Kris

  3. I always used an old stock tank with a board on top with a heat lamp to keep my church's warm. It allowed lots of growing room amid a warm and safe home until the weather allowed a move outdoors. Your girls are darling!

  4. Oh my gosh! They are so stinkin' cute. I love the photo of Dash watching them, um, er, I mean protecting them. Love, Cori

  5. Awww....Look at those sweet, sweet babies. I love that Dash is "watch dog" over them! xo Diana

  6. The girls are just beautiful! And Dash....eyeing them up...so cute!!

  7. I had little Banty chickens when I was young. Used to sing them to sleep. So fun that you are becoming attached to them. Now I get to see Dash - how about a really good photo of him?


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