Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Chicken Mansion

kennewick 009 (800x600)


The girls, Mae West, Ms. Kitty, Calamity Joe (yes, Joe, look at that crop!), Pocahontas, Annie Oakley, and Bell Star, moved to their new digs recently and they love it!


kennewick 011




kennewick 017


Calamity Joe.


kennewick 020


They really like all the additional space, after living in a box for weeks. 


  1. LOVE their names....What no Bonnie & Clyde? lol LOVE their new digs, too. xo Diana

  2. They look so cute showing off in their new digs.

  3. Oh they look so little in there! How lucky they are! Your Roo is adorable!!!!! xox

  4. I have to say, Karen....those are the luckiest chickens ever...that chicken mansion is just so elegant!!!

  5. You gals and your chickens..I hope they know how lucky they are..

  6. Wow! That IS a chicken mansion! I LOVE it!

  7. Love their new house…so cute!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog this morning. I keep meaning to stop by here to visit. I can't reply to your comments directly through email any more…they are "no reply" with your google plus profile.
    Glad I did stop by…I loved meeting all the new chickies!!
    Take care,

  8. Hello from Michigan where Spring is trying to arrive. I just discovered your lovely blog thru Lavender dreams. I love your chicken/chook mansion. Your Rose header is truly lovely. I received the book Sisters on the Fly from my Sis in. Australia for my birthday this year, I love it and when I saw it on your side bar I knew I had to say HI!!!!!!!! I like your water color photo of your trailer and gorgeous hollyhocks a lot. Hugs from Michigan


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