Monday, June 16, 2014

Home on the Range

my girls 036


I let the girls out for a little while just before dusk.  I have to watch out for the owl family residing here.  Ms. Kitty (on the right) found a worm…none of the rest could identify one.  I have been feeding them freeze dried worms, so it didn’t take her long.  Guess what?  She is the lowest on the totem pole.  Yay, Ms. Kitty.


my girls 049 

Dash, boy, what are you doing?


 my girls 037


‘I am not unhappy with you here, I actually, think I like you…


my girls 061


So let’s just be friends…ok?


my girls 038


Ummm..let me just think about that….ok? 


my girls 058



Fickle women!

Love you, Baby Boy, Dash.  You are my best boy! Ok, you are the only Man around here!



  1. Do y oh think he might recognize their smell from when they were babies? During would actually lick them clean.Gosh Dash is so stinking cute.

  2. that's my GodPuppy! lol! hugz

  3. Oh Dash is sooo darling! Your chickens are looking very strong and healthy Karen! Isn't it fun! (Decided not to take a break from blogging, me, oh, my)!


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