Thursday, November 6, 2014

Winter Camp

SW 015


I just returned from White Bird, Idaho, after camping on the Salmon River.  What a beautiful spot!


SW 006


Several Sisters on the Fly are storing/camping here off and on this winter.


 SW 010


Some even did a bit of glamping.  It did rain lightly off and on the four days I was there but it was never an issue.  It was worse driving down in a bad rain storm but we just took it easy. 


SW 003


And we woke up to this on Sunday.  Snow!


SW 008


Some just came to visit for the weekend. 


SW 009


But most are staying until April.

 SW 017


How would you like to join this little community?  Awfully, cute, aren’t they?


SW 013


This beautiful sight was down the road on the way to Riggins, ID.


 SW 018


We will be back soon, some are even celebrating Thanksgiving here on the beautiful Salmon River.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?



  1. Wow..What beautiful country..At least it was before the snow which also has it's charm..I guess..I would love to join you gals..What fun...

  2. I would love you join you gals for a weekend! Hey, it's only a good 10 hour trip without towing, LOL!!! You girls know how to winter camp!

  3. That's awesome being by the river and even having snow. So, you all just store out in the open. I take it that it doesn't snow very much along this area? Looks very peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. No it doesn't snow down by the river and most of us don't cover our trailers but some tip them back. Sometimes the wind will scratch off the paint when tarped.

  4. That looks like a beautiful area. Those colorful campers look great grouped together.

  5. So, I'm confused........why don't you just leave your campers at your house for the winter?
    I mean, I do understand protection....we leave our sailboat in non-hurricane areas down below Caribbean during hurricane season, but that's for shelter. Would snow hurt your campers?
    I want one of those lil campers so bad!!! At our pumpkin shine this yr (where all the elementary school kids decorate pumpkins) one group had a whole lil glamping community carved out. I must send you the picture!!

    1. This little area about 3.5 hours away from me doesn't get any snow and has warmer climes in the winter. If I store my trailer at my home, where I get lots of snow...some years, the weight of the snow could cave in the roof. Also I would need to get up there constantly with a ladder to scarp it off. Plus we got a lot more rain and wind here which pushes water into the seams of these old trailers and can do a lot of damage. They just weren't made like the new ones.

      I would love to see the pumpkin community and share it with the gals...could be a fun project for next year. You can send it to my email.

  6. I love to see your little campers all lined up and ready for the cold months ahead. I think that is a wonderful spot to land. xo Diana

  7. This is a gorgeous spot! just love being on the river like that. I too don't understand leaving your sweet little abodes there???? I would think you'd keep them at your homes..... do they all just sit there alone all winter? I too want one of these little cabins on wheels... all for my very own. Love your blog and your trip diaries.. it's all so colorful..... maybe some day...... sigh.....

    1. Because of the better weather in this area, we are able to visit our trailers throughout the winter, most of the time. There are two passes we must drive over to get there (definitely not bringing the trailer over those in winter) but with the warmer weather down there it sure beats the winter blues. As a matter of fact, several are going down to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and hubbys.

  8. Here is a fun fact for you, Karen. The White Bird valley was the winter home, long ago. of Nez Perce Indians. Their name for the area was 'Lamata,' which means 'area of little snow.'

  9. That RV spot always looks so peaceful. What is the rear entry white with black details trailer? I love it!! I like the layouts on rear entries.

  10. Beautiful scenery. It looks so familiar, I remember that road and town many years ago when we went through there. Sure wish we still traveled on our vacations. Sound like you're having a blast with your vintage camper!
    I'm in Minnesota where the snow load can be pretty bad. My poor little old camper has to sit outside but the husband puts a plastic tarp on top and tilts the camper slightly so the snow, most of the time, will slide off. They're predicting over a foot here starting tonight...ugh!

  11. Enjoy you 'Home away form Home'...

  12. Living the Dream... isn't that what we all aspire to!?! The Scenery is Breathtaking and the Caravans are awfully Cute!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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