Friday, August 28, 2015

Coming Soon Near You

the grand boys 060


The nights are cooling down, the smoke from all the fires is still in the air.  It is not so bad today so I may go for a walk outside.  I have been missing that. 


the grand boys 025


Autumn is just around the corner.


 the grand boys 018



the grand boys 057


Little angels nestled in with my Hosta.


 the grand boys 028


Enjoy the last lazy days of Summer.


  1. Very pretty! Love the light in that last photo! Hoping for rain, here, too. So dry.......Take care! xo Karen

  2. I am looking forward to Fall!

  3. It's still HOT here and we won't see the fall until probably 2 months from now. Would love some coolness. In fact, am heading to Flagstaff, Arizona, for some coolness next week.

  4. Beautiful photos, favorite time of the year.

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  6. Pretty flowers Karen..I can't wait for fall..Tired of the heat and the bugs..Enjoy your weekend..

  7. So glad the smoke has lessened..... it's really windy today in central Oregon and some of the smoke as blown "somewhere".... so a nice change.. and rained last night. I'm glad you're posting again as really enjoy your photos and seeing the country where you live. I used to live in Waitsburg, WA (east of Walla Walla).. so it's the same kind of landscape.. and I really miss it! Hope Fall doesn't come too soon, but I do enjoy the cooler days and briliant colors!


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