Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Owl Is Back

owl 001


I was hanging clothes on the line and this owl flew out of the tree above me.  I went back later to take his picture.  I was able to sneak up on him…a little bit.


 owl 004


This is one of several Great Horned Owls that seem to hang around here. 


owl 009


Yes, I did that…


owl 007


I have seen these guys in action before, he definitely did this.  It’s what one did to my chicken, Eleanor Roosevelt. a couple years ago.  Took her head right off.  This was a beautiful hawk. 


owl 006


I won’t forget those eyes.  I saw them up close and personal when one of these guys was after my chickens.  Ms. Kitty from Gunsmoke, Annie Oakley and Belle Starr will not be doing a walkabout today!

They did not go out that day but yesterday I let them out in the afternoon after checking the trees for the owl.  Bad idea!  After a couple of hours, I heard my girls having a fit in the front of the house and ran to the window and sure enough there was the owl!  He was huge (at least two and a half feet high) and there were chicken feathers all over.  I scared him away and gathered up the girls but couldn’t find Annie anywhere.  I kept calling her name but finally had to give up. 

Later I decided to see how the girls were doing in the coop.  Low and behold, there were all three girls, including Annie!  I was so relieved. Needless to say, the girls won’t be going out for a long long time.  Annie Oakley; smart chick, that she is; apparently pulled out her pistols, said ‘Back off, Buster’ and then headed straight home.  Yay! Good job, Ms. Oakley!

9/30/15 11am  Guess what?  Now there are two!  These are smaller ones (more medium sized) I believe. 


owls 001 


Weird seeing the head on the back of the body, huh?


  owls 003


Both sitting in the same tree.  The girls are just about 40 feet away, no wonder they are staying in the coop instead of the run today.  Smart girls.


  1. I think owls are so very beautiful. I hear them around our farm, but I haven't seen them close, like this. As a chicken owner myself, I hope yours stay safe.

  2. WOW, those owls are something! Great photos of them...pretty feathers on them. We have coyotes getting small dogs around here in the evening.

  3. Wonderful Owl shots..They've got their eyes on your girls , for sure...

  4. Gorgeous photos! They are beautiful birds, but very deadly. I saw one fly right in front of my headlights once - going after an orange cat in a field. Hope your sweet girls stay safe!

  5. Sounds like you need to grab your rifle! They are cute and all but very very destructive.

  6. Don't shoot them, they are protected. Predators are all around, and it is best to keep them inside a safe place.

  7. No shooting, they are federally protected. Our across the street neighbors shot and killed a squirrel and she was arrested! Beautiful, but do keep your girls safe!

  8. You are so right,,, they are big... and intimidating... we had one on our roof (Spokane) and he just looked down at us, as if he was annoyed that we were interfering with his 'watch' for a field mouse...
    Tell the 'girls' to stay hunkered down.

  9. Great photos!!! We have Great Horned Owls here as well, but I never see them during the daytime. One flew over us one evening (silently) while we were sitting in the hot tub....but none in the daylight. A very lucky photo you got there!!!

  10. I agree with what has been said, your photos are out of this clear and clean...amazing

  11. It is wonderful to see the talking critters. It was fun to hear them hooting so I'm especially glad to see them too!. You will just have to deliver all the treats to the girl!!. What a great life they lead!


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