Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Busy as a Bee

My Hollyhocks are loving this wet Spring we had and have never looked so good.

I have several colors and they are all making the bees very happy.

Notice the old shutters?  I found those in the attic of this 110 year old house.  What a find....I love the little tree.  

Enjoy the bright sunshiny day!


  1. Beautiful hollyhocks...and the shutter is so perfect! Happy Wednesday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  2. i LOVE & ADORE Hollyhocks!!! Yours are amazing!

  3. The flowers are beautiful! I envy your wet Spring. My garden was foiled from the get go, by animals that feasted the new Spring plants. And then we got terrible triple digit heat, and everything else, just burned up! It is a shame, as I love to garden, but the elements are against me!
    And the shutters.....oh, how I love them!!!!!! So perfect!!!
    xo Kris

  4. Bright sunshine is OK..Not crazy about hot and humid..We are to reach 100 tomorrow..


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