Monday, October 16, 2017

Super Simple Sunday....Almost

This started out as a Super Simple Sunday post but I remembered I had to repair my Bargman lock on my 1969 Shasta, so she could get into storage today.  I haven't been able to lock it all the time since last Spring.  And on my last trip out about two weeks ago, I wasn't able to lock her at all!  

Last time I had a problem with it a few years ago, I couldn't unlock it.  I took it all apart with instructions from youtube and successfully repaired it.  Bent shaft, cheap pot metal.  This time I started there and ended up finding a post  that had lots of pictures of the guts so I could check everything out carefully.  

It came down to a little ball bearing that was missing....can you believe that?  And it was a total of 20 cents for the part!  She works great now.  I am so thrilled I didn't have to try and find another one, last time I looked they were selling for over $400!  Mine isn't all shiny and new but she's been siliconed and is working great.  

Ran out of time to get her to storage but she's ready now and headed there tomorrow....guess this could have been considered as a super simple job...on a Sunday.


  1. Good for you...I love gals that fix things are a woman after my own heart except you are much more talented in that area! You always inspire me! I must admit...I would be lost without YOu Tube...I think I'm a visual learner. Have a great week!

  2. Our little abode on wheels is much like yours, about the same age. But like you, I love it and wouldn't get rid of it. I don't have pictures to show, but we did remodel some on the inside, and I have ideas for the outside but haven't put any of them into action yet. I'm new to your blog – just joined today – but I am enjoying it. Love the post on the remodel of your vintage bathroom. We've been doing some remodeling as well, to the house we just sold and to the one we live in, the latter a much slower process, of course. I'll post some pictures on my blog soon, but I wasn't smart enough to take any before pictures. I just have the after ones.
    Anyway, I'm so glad I found your blog. I was reading Inger's blog and saw your comment, and that's how I got here. Nice to meet you. :-)

  3. Way to go! Saving $399.80 is a definite perk.

  4. and just in time,,, before the rains come (tonight),,,
    trailer hugz


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