Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dash Has New Sisters

new chicks 001 

Yes, we have three new (two year old) hens that came to live with us last night.  When my friend, Carolyn and her husband, came to deliver them, we watched; as they investigated their new home inside the coop.


 new chicks 010


Carolyn noticed that my rooster, Michelangelo, was blind in one eye.  And that was all it took for the Road Island Red chicken to start attacking.  Michel has never roosted at night, he always went to the corner on the floor.  Now I know why, he couldn’t see well enough to get up and down.  I feel so bad, as I had noticed his eye was closed but didn’t get why. 


new chicks 007 

Early this morning I let them out into the chicken run.  The three new ones are on the left, Michel is on the right.  There are two Black Sex Links and one Road Island Red, she looks a lot like Eleanor R. who is a Buff Orpington.  My other two gals are inside the coop, they didn’t chose to socialize.  They seem to get along ok with the new ones but I suppose the new ones will try to be in charge, since there are three of them. 


I am a bit worried about Michel, I hope she leaves him alone.  I will separate the new from the old later today, keeping the new in the chicken run.


new chicks 012 


The two Black Sex Links', (the same as Rosa Parks, that died last year) don’t mind hanging out with Michelangelo (he’s hiding behind the trash can). 


new chicks 015


As for Dash, he hasn’t even noticed his new sisters.  I imagine that will change when they get to free range in a couple of days.  I can’t wait to see all six in the yard at one time….I’ll feel like a real farmgirl!


  1. Have you named them yet or are you "contemplating"?

  2. Your chickens are so cute... Poor baby, couldn't see, sad, well now you know and i'm sure you'll make sure no one hurts him. Have a lovely day...

  3. They are so beautiful, I hope they all get along and are one big happy family.

  4. Good luck with them all..I'll bet there will be more sometime down the road..You can't have too many chickens I'm told..

  5. Wonderful pictures! As you say, they'll need to adjust to their new family and who will be in charge. They are all beautiful to me.

  6. I hope you have a new big happy family now, Karen!

  7. Karen,
    The chicken & roaster saga going forward. They all have there own personalty, I don't think most people know that. The little house you have for them is so cute, lucky for them to live with you. When you go with that ever so nice camper, who is there caretaker? Always fun to see what you are up to.
    Nancy Jo

  8. Hi there! I'm a new reader and was sent here by Julia @ Cuckoo4Design. I revealed on my blog today that I will soon be getting three hens to start my humble little farm in the city. She said your coop was awesome and she was right! We are only allowed three max so mine won't be nearly as big and nice as yours, but I can't wait. I'm gonna poke around your blog for awhile. Hope you don't mind.

  9. Before our latest 12" snow storm the birds were out wandering. Then I could not find a one of them. Made youngest come out with me and hunt the yard. I was convinced something ate all 8. Nope... they found a nice little spot in our back yard where they never wander too and were happily pecking away. Just like having more kids, I tell 'ya!



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