Sunday, June 21, 2015

Yellowstone Lodge

Yellowstone 089 (640x480)


The lodge is just incredible, made from trees taken from this very spot and built in less than a year! 


Yellowstone 091 (480x640)


I just can’t imagine building with only hand tools available in 1906.  An amazing feat.




Yellowstone 090 (640x480) 




Yellowstone 092 (480x640)


Little gems, wherever you look.  That is one amazing lamp.  I wonder if it’s a Tiffany….


Yellowstone 094 (640x480)


I don’t believe I have ever seen this much wood in any building….ever.


Yellowstone 096 (640x480)


This is less than one third of this building, as I couldn’t get back far enough.


 Yellowstone 095 (640x480)


See this foot shot?  Yep, that’s Sherry #1 (I was traveling with two) and me.  We are waiting and waiting for Old Faithful (who’s not so faithful anymore) to spout (about every hour to hour and a half).  You can see her in the background to the right over my big feet. 


I am off to borrow a picture of Old Faithful as she blows….sorry.

Doing catch up here at home, I promise to get to some blogs soon.  Hugs to all of you.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Yellowstone 036 (640x480)


I just don’t know where to start……Yellowstone is just the most gorgeous place ever!


 Yellowstone 046 (640x480) 



Yellowstone 051 (640x480)


I just feel speechless….at all the beauty.  This is not snow but chemicals from the ground. 


Yellowstone 054 (640x480)


I thought the sulfur might have killed these trees but it was the excess water.  And nope that’s not snow! 


Yellowstone 059 (640x480)




Yellowstone 056 (640x480)




Yellowstone 058 (640x480)



It was just one amazing sight after another. 


Yellowstone 060 (640x480)




Yellowstone 062 (640x480)


Isn’t this just amazing?

 Yellowstone 066 (640x480) 



Yellowstone 071 (480x640)


This is one of many geysers we saw at this beautiful site. 


Yellowstone 072 (640x480)




Yellowstone 076 (640x480)


I don’t have words for all this beauty.


 Yellowstone 111 (640x480)


These guys were hanging out right behind our trailers each morning.  No this is not all the wildlife we saw….more on that later.


Internet access is so limited that I can only post sporadically but will try again tomorrow. 




Friday, June 12, 2015

Loving the Road

Yellowstone 007 (640x480)


Sorry I am so late in posting but several of our campsites didn’t have good internet. 


Yellowstone 011 (640x480)


Heading out to Yellowstone Park…..  Look at this wonderful quilt/tablecloth both of us lucky ladies got from our wonderful travel coordinator, Sherry.  Lucky us!  It depicts all of our camping spots.  All are embroidered and personalized. 


Yellowstone 019 (640x480)


First stop…Butte, Montana. 


Yellowstone 020 (480x640)



Yellowstone 022 (640x480)


Shanty Shack is just one of my favorite trailers and it happens to be Sherry’s. 


Yellowstone 026 (640x480)


It was hot but such a wonderful start to our journey…so exciting.  Hope to post again soon….depending on the internet connections. 


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hitting the Road to Yellowstone

yard 11 002


Driving Ms. Daisy is ready for the road.  Now I just hope I have enough food, clothing (for all kinds of weather) and the fortitude for the long drives.  I always take too much food but it is harder to plan for a longer trip.  I usually only stay out for a max of four days, ten will be a different matter.


 yard 11 006


My neighbor will be keeping an eye on my girls in the Chicken Mansion.  Dash will remain at home for most of my trip….he gets a mini vacation with my daughter and grandboys, which I am sure he will enjoy. 


yard 008


I will keep you posted along the way, if possible.  See you soon.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Throwback Thursday


This photo was taken in 1937 in a Florida RV park.  More of a permanent housing area, rather than day to day camping.  Camping by the week with power and water…$1 a week…wasn’t that quite a bit in the 30’s?




Love the add-on here for extra room, especially nice when it rains.  She looks like she is getting a lot of knitting done…look at all the hats.  It seems unusual to see them all wearing slacks….not that I blame them.




Returning home from school and work. 



Work camp during the 30’s.  Love the windows in that trailer….  What I wouldn’t give for that one!




Could this be the first motorhome?  Love those doors that open backwards….were they called suicide doors?


Some of the pictures above came from Old Picture of the Day a fun blog if you like old photos.