Thursday, April 17, 2014

Glamping Vintage Style

kennewick 080


Trailer Trash Trixie, is nothing like her name…..


kennewick 070


She’s as sweet as she can be.


kennewick 073


It seems she changes every time I see her.  Look at that lovely quilt made from vintage fabrics….those adorable pillows!


kennewick 074


Everything in this beautiful vintage trailer has been restored by it’s owners, Denise and Ben.  They are both incredibly creative, when it comes to restoration and vintage.  They just started a few years ago and are now hooked on restoring vintage trailers. 


kennewick 076


Try not to ask how many they have. 


kennewick 075


Every detail has Denise’s touch. 


kennewick 079




kennewick 077




kennewick 072


What’s behind the crescent moon?  You can guess, I’m sure.


 kennewick 081




kennewick 024


Isn’t it adorable?  Ben, had just whipped out that cute fence, to corral those cute pink flamingos, just the day before our trip.


 kennewick 078


Now wasn’t that one of the cutest trailers you have ever seen?


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Glamping in Kennewick II

kennewick 029


It’s so much fun to see how everyone decorates and the wide spectrum of styles.


kennewick 034




kennewick 031




kennewick 040


This adorable 1948 trailer came with a new Sister on the Fly, Marj.


kennewick 041


And how fun is Laurie’s trailer?  Lots of that yummy vintage trailer aqua!


kennewick 047




kennewick 049




kennewick 045




kennewick 059


Desert Daisy, owned by our camp coordinator, Vicki, carries off the pretty warm tones of the desert, using that good old vintage aqua, as well.


kennewick 056




kennewick 057




kennewick 058




kennewick 060




kennewick 063


And a bit of the gypsy look in this vintage trailer.


kennewick 061

I will be back this week to share one of my favorite trailers… are going to love it.  The owner’s attention to detail and restoration, is remarkable. 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Glamping Weekend

kennewick 066


We decked out our vintage trailers and enjoyed the wonderful weather in Kennewick, WA. over the weekend. 


kennewick 051 


This is Island Girl and she is world famous, as she has been seen in several magazines and books…..MaryJane’s Farmgirls, is just one example.


kennewick 053


Don’t you just love all those tropical colors?  Thanks, Mig for sharing! 


kennewick 055


Mig is a glamper extraordinaire! 


kennewick 054


No surface goes untouched by her magic! 


kennewick 022


And here is Driving Ms. Daisy….I forgot to do interior shots…heehee.  (I probably hadn’t made my bed, yet.)


kennewick 028



kennewick 026


This adorable trailer had a chicken theme, as her family was in the commercial chicken business when she was a child.  She has a wonderful history and photos of this time period. 


kennewick 027


She also brought her adorable sidekick for the weekend. 


kennewick 036


Everyone enjoys seeing the shiny metal ones…. 


kennewick 037


kennewick 038


I’ll be back tomorrow with more pictures of vintage trailers, tomorrow. 


Friday, April 11, 2014

Driving Ms. Daisy…

trailer 004 hitting the road again today!  First trip of the year and it’s my birthday, so twice the fun!


I will take lots of pictures, while I am at the Cowboy Gathering at the Benton City Fairgrounds, in Kennewick, this weekend and share them with you when I get back.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Creative Bug..

dishcloths 012 (800x796)


I’ve wasted most of the winter with projects sitting all around me.  It’s just been the last few weeks that I have felt like doing them.


dishcloths 010


I started with just regular dishcloths and then got carried away.  I had a lot of fun with these ruffled ones. 


dishcloths 003



dishcloths 006 (624x800)


Of course, they had to go into my Etsy Shop, at least some of them.  Others, I have saved for gifts.