Friday, August 28, 2015

Coming Soon Near You

the grand boys 060


The nights are cooling down, the smoke from all the fires is still in the air.  It is not so bad today so I may go for a walk outside.  I have been missing that. 


the grand boys 025


Autumn is just around the corner.


 the grand boys 018



the grand boys 057


Little angels nestled in with my Hosta.


 the grand boys 028


Enjoy the last lazy days of Summer.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wonderful News

In December, there will be one more tutu wearing little girl in this world!  And she will be my Grand Daughter!  The first girl born in this family in 25 years.  

I am over the moon excited!  Cute baby dresses, little tights, bows and all things pastel; cowgirl boots, baby dolls, Lego camping girls, tutus, cowgirl boots, pastels...did I mention pastels?  Yes, and I have already hit Babies 'R can tell by my bank balance!   

Monday, August 24, 2015

Have I got Your Attention Yet?

photo (15)



I was visiting blog land the other day and found some Sisters on the Fly, vintage trailer camping in Tennessee.


 photo (16)


Aren’t they adorable?


 photo (18)


So darn original!


860388_4399986492101_851174024_o (1)




photo (19)


I haven’t seen these trailers up close and personal but you can bet I want to… soon as possible!  So darn clever!  I am proud to be a sister in this group!


It just goes to prove….sisters are awesome woman!


 photo (17) 



 photo (21)


Look at all the cute details on this one!

 photo (22)


These sisters in Tennessee sure make me proud to be a Sister on the Fly.



Thursday, August 20, 2015

I Can See The Sun!

ms d 002



We haven’t see the sun for such a long long time.  The smoke from so many fires here in Washington and our neighbor to the East, Idaho, have been devastating this summer.  We will have a few days respite but the smoke will be back by this weekend.  No camping for me right now.  The not so happy camper….. it bothers my eyes and throat.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just Horsing Around


After a nearly sleepless night, I found the time to make a long neglected post for this blog.  It appears I have taken a two month sabbatical from posting…sorry about that but I just didn’t feel up to it.


the grand boys 076 (640x595)


The Grand Boys, Maxwell, three and Grayson, six were horsing around on the floor….having a great time with the horse my Mom made me when I was six, from an old coat….can you believe it’s still in one piece after sixty-three years?


the grand boys 087


They just make me smile.


the grand boys 063 (377x640)



the grand boys 062 (480x640)


Maxwell loves to try out different poses and ask if they are yoga poses….of course, they are!


the grand boys 078 (504x640)


They do amazing things for my heart!


I am well, stronger now that my body is healing, some more tests coming up soon, for something else that was found during my hospital stay back in March, plus a stress test for my heart.

I hope to be back soon with more posts, I will start easy and that will make it fun.  I have lots of vintage trailer pictures to share with you of my summer travels.  Be well.