Sunday, November 20, 2016

Super Simple Sundays

Feeling a bit under the weather with a cold that just won't let go...ugh.  Something simple to entertain myself....a vintage postcard travel puzzle.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Winter Camping

SW 015

Two years ago I took 'Driving Ms. Daisy' down to White Bird, ID for my first winter camping event.  She went down the first of November and stayed all winter...until May.  I would visit her every few weeks, weather permitting (it is about a 3.5 hour trip over two mountain passes) during the season. 

I loved staying in her with my new little fireplace...she was cozy and warm.  It was very cold on some trips, like New Year's eve when it was 10 below.  We hung out by the campfire, with our snacks freezing in a very short time!  We would sun bath (albeit, fully covered in the sun), craft or read, take walks and play games.  Of course, sitting around the campfire was the best!  What wonderful memories!

After one winter I realized that Ms. D was not designed for winter camping.  With the heater running to keep me warm and the super cold temps outside, she would sweat inside below my bed cushions and on the walls.  I did insulate her as best I could but that may have also made that problem worse.  She got a small leak in the ceiling and after many attempts to fix it (too cold for the caulk to really dry) I decided it was best not to bring her back again.

So along came my 17.5 ft of Bigfoot, which I purchased in November of 2015.  Four insulated and with double pane windows....yay!  A propane furnace, a bathroom with shower, self priming stove, hot water tank, outdoor shower and a huge fridge.  Everything a gal could want, plus I can haul it with my Toyota Highlander.  

 I just took her down to White Bird this weekend for her second winter.  It was a gorgeous weekend, perfect temps and lots of sun.  I winterizer her with (girl) help and did some little fix it jobs, mostly organizing and changing out, for more convenience.  Some decorating for Christmas is awaiting me in December.

Thank you all for your good wishes for a quick recovery from my Ablation.  I got out and walked a couple of days and rested more the other two....just needed to monitor how much I tried to do.  I am improving as I was able to get off one medicine that was making me so lethargic.  Yay!  I will continue to walk this week in hopes of building up my stamina.

I am a happy camper.  Heehee.....

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

So Sorry...

I have so been a bad girl.  I have been downsizing all summer and had my Living Estate sale in September.  It was a big success but so much work!  Months worth in fact.

I did get some camping in this summer but not as much as usual.  I did get the grands out a couple of times...we always have a blast.

And I have gotten in a little crafting....

I had a heart Ablation last Friday and am doing well but very tired.  Just sleeping a lot and hanging out on the couch....thank goodness I can do that.  I am on a couple extra meds and I have a feeling that is part of my lethargy.  I am suppose to be able to do most of my activities in the coming weeks so I am looking forward to that.  Heart healing will take about three months and by then I should know if this worked to silence my A-Fib.

Have a great week...hope to be back to post again soon.