Monday, September 29, 2014

Sweet September Sunsets

chix 013


My girls on a ‘walkabout’ in the late setting sun. 


chix 011


The light was awesome and all of these pictures are un-retouched. 


chix 016


I just love the old barbed wire hanging on the old wood fence poles…..all around my property.  So nostalgic.

 chix 022


Almost looks like a moon dog there but it’s just glare on the camera.


 chix 018


They say you shouldn’t take a shot directly into the sun but I kinda’ like the effects.


chix 027


This is one of the last Hollyhocks blooming.

Savor the last of the September sunsets, this month is almost gone….can you believe it? 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Camping Season…

karen's kamp 083


…is slowing winding down here in Washington.  The nights are very cool and the days are just perfect…in the mid 70’s, with some clouds.


karen's kamp 091


The sunsets are always lovely but super short.  I really hate that it is getting dark for early.


karen's kamp 092


But not to worry, I am heading out to White Bird, ID this next week to enjoy the beautiful weather on the Salmon River, where it will be a bit warmer.  I plan to winter my trailer down there in November, so I can enjoy the little ‘banana belt’ down there, during our dark and dreary days up here in Eastern Washington. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy Trails

karen's kamp 010


I spent three days down at Riverside State Park last week.  As it turned out two others were not able to make it. It was the first time I did entire trip by myself.


 karen's kamp 025


But I wasn’t alone.


 karen's kamp 026


I actually had company.


karen's kamp 039


I invited my grandson, Maxwell, to join me for the day.  His brother, Grayson is now in Kindergarten and I thought Maxwell was probably missing him.


  karen's kamp 058


Giving Honey Bear a fierce hug!


karen's kamp 062 



karen's kamp 065


Hey, Grandma K, take a picture of Honey Bear. 


karen's kamp 076


Maxwell, is just so serious.  We walked over 10,000 steps that long day and had a wonderful time together.


karen's kamp 081


This is the only picture that even resembles a smile….he is a tough subject!  Ha!

  karen's kamp 027


I had a wonderful time, at one of my most favorite state parks.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Karen’s Kamp

karen's kamp 003


A few friends stopped by my place for the weekend…..and the weather was just perfect.


karen's kamp 006


Cool nights, pleasantly warm days….a perfect Fall. 


kennewick 037 (600x800)



 kennewick 038 (600x800)



karen's kamp 005



farm chicks 032



karen's kamp 007 



migs 074



migs 076



karen's kamp 001


Just seven trailers this year and eight gals who did some junkin’ over the weekend.  By the way, the orange and white trailer is the same as mine just a year newer.


 karen's kamp 008


I even provided an in ‘kamp’ garage sale.