Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lost in the 60’s

wenatchee 040


This trailer is so apply named and it’s really fits this post, as you will see many vintage trailers from that era.

 wenatchee 039 


wenatchee 014


Each trailer is so unique.  It’s so much fun to see what each Sister creates.


  wenatchee 015


Isn’t this so homey and inviting!  Don’t you just want to snuggle up and read a book in this bed? 


wenatchee 016 



wenatchee 017 




wenatchee 018


Just love this turquoise!  Don’t you?


 wenatchee 001




wenatchee 002 



wenatchee 020


Several of the gals have figured out a new way to make awnings so they don’t blow down in the breezes.  They are connected to the trailers and the poles fit into items with concrete, with removable poles.  Thus they are weighted down and thus hard to knock down.  I love the use of the cowgirl boots!


 wenatchee 021 



wenatchee 022


I particularly love these old wheels and would love to have one for my trailer. 


wenatchee 024 


 wenatchee 030



wenatchee 025


This trailer took it’s maiden voyage with a new sister, this weekend.


wenatchee 026 



wenatchee 029



 wenatchee 031


I better end this post as it is getting too long and I am out of coffee.  See you again soon with more fun vintage trailers to share. 



Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trip to Wenatchee

wenatchee 019



wenatchee 009


I got to spend some time in Wenatchee, WA. this last weekend and there were almost 40 Sisters on the Fly, with the same idea. 

This is the same exact trailer as mine, same year, 1969, Shasta 1400.


 wenatchee 012


Can you believe how gorgeous this is?


 wenatchee 013 



wenatchee 093


Here’s my kitchen.  Isn’t it amazing how different they can be decorated?


  wenatchee 064 



wenatchee 089 



wenatchee 050


Creativity abounds! 


wenatchee 051 



wenatchee 054



wenatchee 053 



wenatchee 055



wenatchee 057 




wenatchee 058 



wenatchee 059 



 wenatchee 060


I’ll be back to share more camping pictures with you soon.  And this weekend a few friends are bringing their trailers here for the weekend….so even more pictures next week.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

She’s Back

ms d 001


Yep, she’s finally home after spending time at the trailer hospital. 


ms d 002


The repairman did wonderful job with the dents… for some paint touchups.  He replaced all the dry rotted wood around the bottom of the trailer, as well, as the back corners, inside and out. 

 ms d 003


The best part…the door.  It doesn’t look any different but it is now solid and closes so nicely.  And after all that work, the lock still works fine…..yay!


 ms d 004


The door was so dry rotted that it flapped as I drove down the road…not good.  Yes, that’s new diamond plate on the front.  ‘Driving Ms. Daisy had been patched over the years with several different kinds of siding and was in bad shape.  This looks much better and will keep the rocks from chipping. 

I am heading out this morning for Wenatchee, Wa. to spend the weekend with some Sisters on the Fly and visit with my Grand Daughter and my Great Grandson, Gunner, who just turned two.  It will be so fun to have my ‘baby’ back….and to see the little one. 

Have a great weekend and check in next week, as it’s time for Karen’s Kamp, again.  You’ll have to check out all the vintage trailers visiting my place here in Cheney, WA. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sometimes Old is Better

blender 003


So what’s with the old blender?  I went thrifting yesterday with a good friend, Sharon, and I found this old blender almost exactly like my Mom’s….yes, she still uses it.  Whenever I visit (Seattle) I use it….and it is so quiet and fast…I love it.  (I might have snagged it but she’s not ready to part with it.)  And it appears to have never been used! 

It’s late 60’s early 70’s so it should run for many more years.

 This is a different model but I am really looking forward to using this in my trailer.  I hated to take my more modern one as it would wake up the whole forest!  For $10 it can make my smoothie anytime day or night and not wake anyone. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Simple Summer Days



Hope you are having a wonderful summer.  Be sure and grab your swim suit and head to the lake…..the days are getting shorter, already!