Friday, April 29, 2016

Sleepovers Are Grand

Yep, lucky me I got to keep a couple grands overnight at my house.  This is Kennedy (4 months) and she is hanging out with Grandma K and Maxwell (3 years)....we are all in our jammies!  Kennedy slept 10 hours last night and Maxwell 9....I was shocked, unfortunately, I woke at 5 and couldn't get back to sleep thinking she would wake anytime.  Ha!  Still having a ball, they are the best grands!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sorry I Have Been So Remiss...

Life just keeps happening...sheesh!  Why is that?  Just over a bout of the flu (haven't been sick in ages) so I am dreaming of the out-of-doors again.  This was taken at White Bird, ID, as was the new header, on a recent trip there.

My daughter, Tracy and I will be taking off with the grands for a quick camping trip this weekend.  She has quit work after the birth of her daughter, now three and a half months old, so she has the time to try out her new vintage trailer.  Yay!  Daddy will join us on Saturday after work. 

See you all next week and once I get my camera back from White Bird, I will be posting again!  Yep, left it in my trailer...ha!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Special Day

I've had this large photo of my son since it was taken when he was 1 in l969 (the year they landed on the moon).  Apparently I was saving it for someone grand daughter, Mercedes.  It was her birthday today and I cut glass, the photo (yes, I did) and backing to put it all together for her. 

She lives in Wenatchee and I live near Spokane so I wasn't able to deliver it in person but she got it yesterday by mail.  She said she cried...she was so happy.

My son died at the age of 31 and Mercedes had only a very short time with him as a child.  She just turned 25.  He would have been 48 this summer. 

This just made my heart sing. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Baby Faces

My daughter, Tracy returned to work this week and the grandchild caregiver, the fabulous other Grandma (Vicki) was sick.  So I stepped in to enjoy some sweet time with my three grandchildren.

Maxwell, who is three, really dotes on Kennedy who is now two months old.

Needless to say, I had a wonderful time getting extra hugs and kisses.

I've been a card maker for many years and have spent time making cards with the boys, Grayson and Maxwell, this year not being an exception.  So needless to say, I was more than pleased when I saw a whole mantel full of homemade cards, several of them made by Dad!  He spent time with the boys making cards for everyone.

I just had to share this Kennedy.  Now I bet you know why I love that Son-in-Law, Malachi, so much!!