Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time travel...

Are you ready for this? :D The first picture was taken in 1960. No I didn't wear the same thing everyday.....well, yes, I did a uniform...for 13 years! No wonder I can't pick out clothing in the morning. The second picture is when I was a sophmore at Blanchet High School in Seattle in 1962. 1989- age 43

1991-age 45 I look like a convict!

1992-age 46

1996-age 50
This is like a time travel log..... not sure why I saved all these but it is interesting to look back in time. Sure wish we could stop the darn clock! As you see, there are no other current licenses, afterall, why bum myself out?


  1. You are a very beautiful woman.....

  2. Hey Karen,
    you are soooo funny! I couldn't post let alone find pics of me,,,,I was the skinny gwaky girl.
    You are still as lovely today as you were in your younger years.
    p.s. are ya going Glamping w/us in April? (MJF-OutBack)

  3. April, are you trying to scare me? Of course, I will never make it by then! Silly girl. :D


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