Monday, May 17, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

Think outside the box/pot when planting.

This mismatched not ok.....

This.....super ok.

Here's a few more things to 'dump' during your Spring Cleaning.
11. Putting yourself down.
12. Old athletic shoes with worn treads. (Recycle)
13. Medicines for conditions you no longer have. (Your pharmacy will dispose of them.)
14. Mismatched silverware or dishes (Unless you are going for the Cottage Chic look)
15. Banged up/ugly pots. (This could be in the kitchen or in the garden.)
16. Stale spices and ingredients. (I believe 6 months is old for spices....I know we all have some older than that!)
17. Thinking you're always right.
18. Plastic garden pots.
19. The times you messed up.
20. A single sock, glove or earring. It's mate is not coming home.


  1. Karen,
    That was a fun post. How cute your little tea cans etc look. I really should plant some herbs. What did you plant in those little tins?
    Nancy Jo

  2. But I can't get rid of #7...'cuz I AM Aways Rght! lol!

    I am enjoying today's weather & am off to make a pot of tea & head down to the sewing room....

    Hey Dashypoo....give momm a hug for me....miss you both mucho!

  3. The car planter, and all the pictures here are wonderful!!! Simply wonderful ideas!!!


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