Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Smart Tips Tuesdays



Wouldn’t you love to wake up to these beautiful eggs every morning?  Adorable daisies!

What a cheerful wakeup call! 


And here is a really cute ‘kid kitchen’ made from an old TV console.n old TV cabinet turned into a play kitchen….how cute is that? 


Love the closures on this pillow…making one next week!per cute closures! I am doing this!


                The simplicity is the beauty here.Pause and smell the flowers….


I love this idea…use a door or old shutters to make a corner shelving unit!shutters, windows, anything goes!


What a fun idea!


I thought I would leave you with a couple of smiles!


Ok, just Gotcha!ne more…..


  1. Again you've come up with some fun tips. Of course, I especially like the paper heart banner and the pillow idea. Keep 'em coming!

  2. I love these tips, I dont have that sunflower design but I do have some med size cutters. I wonder if those would work?

    If you are making a pillow for Miss Daisy, she will look smashing.

    I like that paint swatch idea, I know several stampers that will go get old wallpaper books and use those.

    Great ideas!

    Have a blessed day!
    How is the ramp comin' to your coop?

  3. Karen, I think this is your most fun post ever! I have some heart shaped cutters...going to try those this morning for Mr. Gates(not Bill)..he so deserves them for taking such good care of me lately! Also the paint chips hearts...well, you know I have ton of those!..

  4. Sorry about the double words...they are not there when I go back to erase them....weird!

  5. I LOVE the "daisy" eggs! Where did you buy the tools to make them? Must get some! Great picture!


  6. Well, I definitely need that kid's kitchen in my little garden playhouse!!!

  7. What fun pictures!! I love that child's kitchen made from a TV cabinet...so clever. I think you need to get some of those egg molds, they match your pretty header!

  8. I love daisies of any kind.... but eggs... that's too cute!

    Oh how I love the containers with the white flowers.... BEAUTIFUL...



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