Sunday, April 1, 2012

Super Simple Sundays

snow 052

Where is Spring?


  1. Oh my, snow again? Where is Spring, not here either!

  2. Oh no not snow.I think we are done with snow here.But is only 49 here today and mostly cloudy.

  3. Spring is at my house....come on over!!

  4. Pretty. We had a snow day earlier this week. Still to chilly for me to work in the flower beds. Glad I did not uncover anything yet because we had 2-3 nights of freezing weather. The daffodils seemed to not care a wink! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. haha! mama nature played a truley "April Fools Day joke on us today!

    1st snow and then snow!
    April Fools! lol!

  6. Oh that looks cold!!!!! Come on back Spring!!!

  7. What a gorgeous view you have. I would trade was 90 here yesterday! Too hot, too fast! I went right from turning the heat off to turning the ac on. It's going to be a pricey summer at this rate.


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