Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Day With My Boys

                 boys 002 

I got to spend the morning with my favorite grandsons, yesterday.  This is Grayson, age 3. He doesn’t like to pose, so I asked him to let me take a picture of the ant he found on the floor.

         boys 003 


          boys 006 

Looks like Maxwell is taking after his brother….not sure what this arm stuff is all about! 

boys 007

This little guy, just over three weeks, makes it a little easier to take photos.  I had a great time with the boys, they are both so easy to take care of and so easy on the eyes!    

  boys 009 

This is the little desk I found at a thrift store….Grayson loves it.

   boys 008 


          boys 010

My daughter, Tracy did the art work on Grayson’s adorable wall.


  1. Spending time with the grands is a very special time, you are creating memories. Grayson sure is growing and so is Maxwell. Your daughter is quite talented.

  2. Lucky you to have these two handsome grandsons starting out in life. And how lucky are they to have a grandma like you!

  3. Those are two of the most darling little boys, ever! Your daughter is very talented with her art!!
    XO Kris

  4. So cute. Thanks for sharing.

  5. the best way to spend the day!!
    and both are so cute!!!

  6. Oh Karen those boys are adorable... and I know how much fun you had.. Being "grandma" is the best.
    and I love the desk.. and wall art.

  7. They are so cute!!!! Love that curly hair. What a cute desk and your daughter did a great job painting on the wall.

  8. It takes a village for kids and you have a great one going! p.s....love how you attached your umbrella to your trailer...might have to borrow that idea. I like the umbrella much better than an awning...the awning covers up to much of our cute trailers!xo


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