Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Loaded And Ready To Go

Hitting the road again 001


Yep, she is almost ready….to hit the road, again.  I will be leaving on Thursday, my birthday, for just a short trip, south of here about two hours.  Sorry about the lousy picture, hard to do that from inside the house. 


 on the road again ggns


And just to dress her up a bit, a new wheel cover.


 on the road again srhsee


And since the old graphics were so faded….some new ones, front and back.  Shasta for Ms. Daisy.


 on the road again 0avrqb


I ordered some vinyl graphics for the back of the trailer, just her name, Driving Ms. Daisy but I don’t think they will come before Thursday.  I can’t wait to show them to you.  She is starting to come together….been a long time coming.  But in the mean time I have been enjoying every minute with her. 



  1. Oh Karen,
    Lucky you for getting to enjoy another season of Driving Miss Daisy...and lucky us for getting to enjoy it along with you, virtually.
    Have a wonderful, happy Birthday!!
    Safe travels to you!!!

  2. she's looking fantastic! Have both a marvelous trip and birthday celebration!

  3. Have a wonderful trip and Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Just beautiful. Have a Happy Birthday and a great time. I'm sure it will be so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Happy Birthday, Karen! Love that bumper sticker "Have wings will travel" :)
    Enjoy your first trip of the season.

  6. She's looking mighty fine and all ready to hit the road. Love the red wheel cover. Have a wonderful and safe trip and...a very happy birthday.

  7. Hope you have a fantastic trip Driving Miss Daisy...B'days are fun, huh? XO!!

  8. How lucky you are to be heading out this weekend. Hopefully my plan is for next weekend. Love the new wheel cover - red of course!!!!

    Happy Birthday, enjoy your travels and WAGON HO!!!!!!!!!!

  9. as always,,, I luv Ms Daisy..
    Now you be sure to drive safe and have fun.

  10. Oh since I won't see ya for your B-day... have an awesome one!
    After all, it's not like you turn 29 every year! lol! snork, giggle...

  11. Happy, happy Birthday...and have a wonderful trip!!!

  12. On the road again......


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  14. Have a very happy Birthday Karen and a safe trip..You and Miss Daisy

  15. Hi Karen..You all had to have the best time..What fun..The trailers are adorable..SO cute..Lots of imagination went in to them..Safe home..


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