Monday, April 15, 2013

Sisters on the Fly in Kennewick, WA.

Kennewick 003 (1024x682)


It may have been cold and super windy but the Sisters on the Fly still know how to have a good time.

  Kennewick 001 (1024x768) (2)


We visit each others little vintage trailers, sit around campfires, hit garage sales and visit with each other.


Kennewick 005 (1024x768)


This is a new addition to our local group, a second trailer for Ms. Connie.  She has it tricked out to the max….A+ adorable!


 Kennewick 006 (754x1024)


Kennewick 007 (768x1024) 


Kennewick 010 (768x1024)


Desert Daisy, belongs to Vicki, who was one of our hosts this last weekend. 


Kennewick 011 (1024x768)


Kennewick 012 (768x1024) 

Isn’t she the cutest?  I love the turquoise!

  Kennewick 013 (1024x764) 


Kennewick 014 (1024x1001)


Another hostest with the mostess, was Denise, and this was a debut of another one of her beautiful trailers!  She and her husband, Ben, are now working on number five!


  Kennewick 015 (1024x768)


This team, creates such perfection! 


Kennewick 017 (768x1024)



Kennewick 019 (768x1024)



Kennewick 018 (768x1024)


Kennewick 020 (768x1024)


The attention to detail is over the top!

 Kennewick 021 (768x1024) 


 Kennewick 024 (1024x768)

She is a beauty. 

Kennewick 025 (1024x655)


And here is our third hostess, with her second trailer.


 Kennewick 026 (1024x768)


Kennewick 027 (1024x768)


 Kennewick 030 (1024x768)


Bonnie’s Lil Loafer, packs a wallop in size!  Too cute.  Love the new paint job.

 Kennewick 029 (1024x768)


This adorable Aloha is a work in progress.


  Kennewick 035 (1024x768)


Another newbie….too cute!


Kennewick 036 (1024x660)


And a newbie, Mindy, on the left, and a veteran, Linner, on the right. 


Kennewick 045 (1024x663)


Sherry, me and a newer sister, Mary on the right! 


Kennewick 044 (1024x680)


Look at that shine!  Beautiful job.


Kennewick 046 (717x1024)



  1. Oh how I love these posts of yours with all of the adorable trailer love!!
    xo Kris

  2. LOVE those little ten footers!!! We are just finishing up one now...I want to keep it so bad but...will be on e-bay soon if you know of anyone looking. Same as the last one we sold...probably go for about $5,000...completely renovated starting the frame...

  3. The trailers are amazing. You must have so much fun with your "sister's"... Happy Monday...

  4. Always love to see such cute caravans. It sounds like you have lots of fun....

  5. Thanks for sharing. I loved looking at all of them. I loved the hanging of the back of the chair in one of them. Such a great idea. Hope you had a splendid birthday.

  6. Great post. Loved all the eye candy! Pride of ownership is evident in every trailer. Someday I hope to get to a rally like this in Canada :)
    Happy trails,

  7. Oh I am absolutely drooling....need more interior pictures!!!!

  8. Very cool!!! These trailers are so COOL! I bet it's just a great time together.

  9. Great pictures Karen. You have out done yourself. Wish I was there with you all out camping.

  10. Lovelovelove! I so want to do this! Where do you start?

  11. Fun! I want to be a sister on the fly when I grow up! ;)

  12. Wish I could have been there,,, both my lil trailers are all bundled up until the rains pass.
    Glad you all had a blast...
    Life is taking a different turn for me right now, so I won't be getting in as much Glamp time as I would like! :>(
    Wagons HO!

  13. Oh and by the way, I'm your newest follower! ♥

  14. You guys are just so cool ;) Love them all and that shine on the silver one is AMAZING. Love it!

  15. So all must have had a blast..They are adorable..Safe home

  16. LOVE these glamping posts. More please. Do you have more of that one with the vintage posters painted on the side? Do the men ever go along even though it's the sisters trip?


    1. When it is an official SOTF event, men are not allowed. I will be posting a few more pictures tomorrow. I will see if I have any of the poster sister.

  17. Loved looking through all the pics!! Just purchased a 1965 Fleetcraft and when my brother and I get it ready to roll, I will join the Sisters on the Fly!! I am 62 yrs old, grew up camping all my life but last 10 years we all quit in family after dad died. Now my mom (82) just bought herself a trailer and I got mine. My sister has a vintage motorhome. Going to teach my granddaughter to camp and take my grown daughter out to fish again! ;-)

  18. All the campers were real tweet!!!.
    I just love that lil' loafer :))
    I'm nearly finished with mine....a 1968 Kit Companion.

  19. All the campers are real tweet!
    Just love that lil' loafer :))
    Hope to have mine finished real soon...a 1968
    Kit Companion.


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