Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vintage Trailers

Kennewick 041 (1024x799)


I just have to share some more pictures of this adorable Shasta.  Denise loves to create and does she ever do a fabulous job!

  Kennewick 015 (1024x768)


This is her trailer that I showed you yesterday.

 Kennewick 024 (1024x768)


It is just a feast for the eyes.  I love the bark cloth curtains and pillows.


 Kennewick 038 (1024x656)


Ever wonder what to do with those beautiful embroidered dish towels with stains….why make a banner! 


Kennewick 037 (692x1024)


What about all those buttons, door knobs you have collected?  Why make a bouquet with them.  Denise found this idea over at MaryJane’s Farm Connection.  Too cute!


Kennewick 042 (768x1024) 


Kennewick 043 (633x1024) 


What do you think?


mini trailer 002


My little little trailer on the right, now has a new friend, a handmade replica of my trailer in wood, isn’t she the cutest?  Thanks, Dave and Carolyn!  What a fun birthday present!


 ms d 001

I will be hitting the road again in a couple of weeks….I will get more interior pictures this time, for those of you who asked.



  1. I love the little banner that Denise made! I had wished for a close up of it when I was here before and my wish came true!

    The colors of your trailer are so perfect. I can't wait to see more pics! ♥

  2. So cute!!!! I hope someday I have a tiny camper. :)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  3. I love that sweet banner and all the fun touches Denise has added to her Shasta.

  4. What a great idea for the bunting!!! I have lots of tea towels that are stained, that I could do with with. Love the replica trailer! Love the tour! Always fun when I come to see you!!\
    XO Kris

  5. I think I need sewing lessons!! Want to come down for the winter?...and bring Denise with you...xo

  6. Thanks for the close-ups! I was wondering what that mini trailer on the oven door looked like. I am sure that I could look at trailer pictures all day :)

  7. Thanks for sharing. I so love these things. Wish I could have one and a group such as yours to tag along with.

    1. Sisters on the Fly is nationwide and there are over 3700 members!

  8. Wow what a beautiful trailer!!!!

  9. I have enjoyed all the photos of the vintage campers. I admire the Fly Ladies for living their dreams.

  10. So cool, Karen. Thanks!! Loved Denise' interior. And that little banner from embroidered linens...too cool!!

  11. I Love Denise's vintage camper.
    I go gaga for barkcloth..

  12. I really think when you ladies get together and take it on the road, you really COULD take the show on the road. Sell tickets in a big city to tour these beauties. I would come.


  13. Beautiful!!! I have a 61' it. I don't see that many. xoxoxo

  14. It is as cute as a button! She sis a cute job decorating! I noticed there is one of my little sewing magnets on her fridge I make! :) xox


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