Thursday, May 9, 2013

Glamping at Sun Lakes Continued…

Sun Lakes 041


I am back today to share some more vintage trailer beauties!


  Sun Lakes 042


And here is one of my absolute favorites….Maren’s little cutie pie.  It’s not very big but it packs a wallop!


 Sun Lakes 043


Check out that little kid’s western outfit from the 50’s!  Too cute.


Sun Lakes 018


This cute De Ville (some trailers were named after cars) came with Donna from Coulee City.  She is a work in progress but oh, the potential.


Sun Lakes 021


She has great bones.


 Sun Lakes 020


Love that natural wood…look at that grain.  They just don’t make it like that any more. 


Sun Lakes 022


This Aladdin belongs to Phyllis and would normally have lots of display and an awning, but we had very high winds and had to take down all the decorations. 


Sun Lakes 030



Sun Lakes 032


And this little homemade ‘Tab’ came with Linda from Wenatchee, WA.


 Sun Lakes 039


This very shiny beauty is truly vintage and yes, please don’t kill me, I didn’t get interior pictures!

Sun Lakes 040


Honest, I will do better next time.  So many of you ask to see the interiors and it isn’t always easy…..’cause I just wanna’ have fun…opps, I mean everyone is not always home! 

Sun Lakes 044


Now here is an impeccable trailer, everything inside is placed just so….wish I could keep mine that way!


 Sun Lakes 045


When we were at Sisters, Oregon, she even had a sewing machine on the table….an adorable vintage featherweight.


 Sun Lakes 047



Sun Lakes 049


Sun Lakes 051


Not everyone goes for the vintage but this one sure is unique!


 Sun Lakes 101


And now you can have the retro look with a brand new trailer. 


Sun Lakes 078


A brand new Air Stream….the envy of many….just too cute.  Don’t we all love Bambi? 


Sun Lakes 058


Sweet Dusty from Prosser……and she’s for sale!


Sun Lakes 070



 Sun Lakes 066


Rockin’ in the Sixties.


  Sun Lakes 060


Don’t you just want to hang out and listen to Bobby Darin?


 Sun Lakes 061


Sun Lakes 069


Sun Lakes 071


Sun Lakes 076


Sun Lakes 075


Desert Daisy, is another vintage trailer that I have never heard of….belonging to Vicki.  You saw this interior in my Kennewick post.


 Sun Lakes 077 


Sun Lakes 079


Sun Lakes 080


If you’ve been following me, you have seen Rosie the Riveter before.  She is a knockout.


 Sun Lakes 081 


What gal wouldn’t want a feminine touch after working on airplane mechanics all day?


 Sun Lakes 082


Those adorable curtains are made from vintage hankies. 


Sun Lakes 085


Thanks, Sue, for letting me share your adorable trailer here on my blog. 


This post is getting so long and I still have more to share… until tomorrow…


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  1. I am truly enjoying the 'view' of the campers. If I were so old and unable, I would actually love to join in...

    1. There is no age limit and our oldest member is in her 90's. I am 67 and plan to keep on going...just like the energizer bunny!

    2. Me too! 67 this yr. Ready to take LUCY out after a full retro redo!! Inside & out!!

  2. Oh how I do love that first trailer! So cute! The Chalet, the one that folds up into a point, we camped next to one of those last year and they has a family of 5 in there! It was like a clown car! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  3. Great Show! Will you send me an email with info about the one for sale!!! Thanks!!

  4. They are so pretty to look at & see all the different styles that have been chosen. And, I'm sure there is lots of fun as well. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you again! Now my mind is really going crazy with what to do with my camper. So many ideas. I thought I had it figured out but now I'm starting to change my mind a little. Do I paint the inside or leave it the way it is! If it was white inside any color scheme would work out. When I get back home I'm going to bring the laptop out into the camper and then look at all the pictures you have posted, maybe then I can decide! Wish I lived closer so I could join in.

  6. Karen
    Thanks again for sharing these beauties!
    I'm glad I don't have to pick the cutest,
    they are all so unique and adorable.

  7. They all look fabulous. I love the quilts in some of them.

  8. Karen,
    Thanks for giving me my daily trailer "fix". Those interior pictures are really sweet. My dream is to attend a rally like this one some year. Ya never know!
    Happy trails,

  9. It's impossible to choose a favorite, but I'm loving those Scrabble curtains and the purple stove/oven.

  10. Love the one with the banner/bunting painted on it! ♥

  11. Great post Karen! Sure do love your darling trailer! Glad you had a b=great time! Hugs, Maryjane

  12. I love this post. Thanks for sharing all those photos of the campers.

  13. Thanks for sharing..They are all so adorable and evident of the imagination of their owners..

  14. Wow, love the spoon drawer pulls!! So many wonderful ideas in this post. Searching for my own vintage camper, but hard to find right now.

  15. I love seeing the inside of these campers, it's like opening a present each time.

  16. LOVE the Rosie the Riveter stove!! Would LOVE to know what kind of pain she used... as the one I'm looking to buy has the awful avocado green appliances which I HATE!!

    1. You can use drive train paint found in most automotive stores. Comes in a dozen colors. Have fun!


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