Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Glamping at Sun Lakes

Sun Lakes 004


Good morning, I finally have some pictures for you from my glamping trip in Central Washington.


 Sun Lakes 010


This is Deeanne’s Northwest Coach, you might remember her from yesterday…you know that cute little Trixie!


  Sun Lakes 108 


Sun Lakes 102


Don’t you just love that oh, so warm wood?


 Sun Lakes 103


I have seen lots of stoves in my time but never one with double doors.

 Sun Lakes 012


This cute trailer belongs to Cheryl aka Smootchie, and she was our neighbor.

  Sun Lakes 033


This is a Travelier and is it ever cute.


  Sun Lakes 034 


I just adore her color scheme!


 Sun Lakes 036 


Sun Lakes 014


Turquoise is a very popular color for these mid century trailers.


 Sun Lakes 015 


 Sun Lakes 017


Sweet Annie’s Saloon, is a 1969 Shasta 1400, the same as mine. 


Sun Lakes 016


Cute graphics, Anna Marie!


Sun Lakes 052


This is a 1968 Shasta Loflyte…can you see the similarities to my ‘69?


Sun Lakes 053


Sun Lakes 054 


Sun Lakes 055


This vintage trailer was found in this unrestored condition and was only used half a dozen times in it’s lifetime!  See that floor…I had the same one in mine!


 Sun Lakes 056


Look at all this bed!  When not in use, it has a complete wraparound dining area with a table in the middle, seating at least six.  Same blonde paneling that mine had. 

Sun Lakes 074


I just adore the color on this adorable Shasta compact.  Great job, Mindy! 


Sun Lakes 001


It’s a beautiful area but I wasn’t able to get a lot of scenery pictures, with my bum knee.


 Sun Lakes 005


I will bring you more vintage trailer pictures tomorrow.  Happy trails until then……






  1. What wonderful pictures..Thanks so much for sharing..You all must have a blast..

  2. I have to stop reading your blogs they are increasing my want for glamping! Haha! Love your posts.
    Shannon from

  3. Thank you for sharing. I so enjoy looking at them.

  4. I love your pics. The vans, the cute dogs. and I love that bike .

  5. I am so wanting to do this, if only I had a trailer!! Love love your pics...I'll see you tomorrow girlfriend! Loving it!!
    Loretta xx

  6. Looks like great fun! We were diving to get mulch the other day and a saw a tiny camper tucked beside a barn. Oh my... I want it! Itld the hubs to go ask them to sell it to us! Hey you never know. ;) TFS!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. Thanks for posting, looking forward to more!

  8. Each and every one of the trailers is so unique and cute. Sure looks like fun!!!!!!

  9. Each and every one of the trailers is so unique and cute. Sure looks like fun!!!!!!

  10. Thanks so much for posting these!

    The easy as pie sign cracked me up!
    No one but an expert pie maker would say that it's easy.
    I think people should say "Easy as instant pudding."
    now THAT'S easy!

  11. Oh my word, these are so cute and so much fun. We had a motorhome and loved it. I think we need another one. I have a weekly party Inspire Me Tuesday It goes live on Monday evenings. I would love for you to link this or any other projects up. Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

  12. Such fascinating pictures! I so enjoyed this post and the interiors are amazing!
    Helen x

  13. These are all just so cute...and the pastel colours....gorgeous.
    I'd love one of these caravans (UK) in the garden as an office/sewing room.......or just to escape from the kids!


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