Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What Hat Are You Wearing Today?


Ever wear one of these vintage swim caps?  Mine had large flowers like the blue and white one……they really didn’t keep your hair dry and they definitely didn’t save your hairdo! 


With snow still on the ground, I won’t be donning a suit anytime soon but thought I would share a little sunshine with you.  Have a great day.


  1. I still need to find one for me! But thank you for the sunshine, hurry up Spring!!

  2. You used to have wear one if you went to a public pool! I had a plain white one. I hated how it pulled your hair!! Ouch! But I love the photo!!!
    xo Kris

  3. I had a rubber swim cap when I was much much younger however it was very plain no flowers
    wearing one does keep your hair out of your face when swimming LOL

  4. We think alike. I was going to do a post on vintage swim caps this week too, lol. I can remember having a plain white one, with a strap no less. One time I got kicked out of a public pool for not wearing one. But get this! My brother could remain in the pool even though his hair was the same length as mine. As the Cigarette ad once said, "We've come a long way baby. "

  5. OMG..I remember them well..the worst!!

  6. yesterday's hat was my 'gardening hat''' and today was my 'Juror's hat'... the good thing is I now can toss that hat (jury duty) into the closet for a whole year... and go put on my gardening and trailer cleaning hats on ! Wahooo!


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