Friday, March 7, 2014

Dash Has New Sisters

girls 003


Five to be exact, with one more coming next week.


 girls 017


They are just little balls of fluff right now.  And everything is all about the food. 


girls 005


Dash just adores them.  He will even come running to check on them when one gets a little loud.


 girls 021


Just a quick picture of last night’s sunset through my office window.




  1. Furby loved our baby chicks too. So protective and concerned. Who would have ever figured them for 'farm' dogs!!.

  2. How sweet! Looks like little Dash is watching after them.
    Be a sweetie,

  3. The photo of Dash looking over the chicks is asolutely precious.

  4. They are SOO SOOO SOOO cute! Love that Dash loves them, too- xo Diana

  5. So cute. Little ones for Dash to be concerned about. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ha, ha, I thought you got another dog, but then I saw the fluff balls. Dash is so dang cute watching over his new family!

  7. Dash will take good care of them...they're adorable.

  8. Tiz the season Karen,Little cuties...

  9. FUN! Don't you just love babies? My new little brood arrives April joke! Have a great day, Karen!

  10. Yeah Karen! So glad you have chicks too! We can help each other growing this new flock together! Wish we lived closer…just started up a little group called "Lunch Bunch Chicks"! Just had our first meeting today. Made the girls journals. Its 4 of us raising chickens. Lots to chit chat about! Good luck with your peeps Karen!



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