Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Glamping in Kennewick II

kennewick 029


It’s so much fun to see how everyone decorates and the wide spectrum of styles.


kennewick 034




kennewick 031




kennewick 040


This adorable 1948 trailer came with a new Sister on the Fly, Marj.


kennewick 041


And how fun is Laurie’s trailer?  Lots of that yummy vintage trailer aqua!


kennewick 047




kennewick 049




kennewick 045




kennewick 059


Desert Daisy, owned by our camp coordinator, Vicki, carries off the pretty warm tones of the desert, using that good old vintage aqua, as well.


kennewick 056




kennewick 057




kennewick 058




kennewick 060




kennewick 063


And a bit of the gypsy look in this vintage trailer.


kennewick 061

I will be back this week to share one of my favorite trailers… are going to love it.  The owner’s attention to detail and restoration, is remarkable. 



  1. Good morning Karen! Oh how I love your Glamping posts! That aqua is so soothing! Some day, some day.....
    Hey, do you typically have hookups when you camp, or do you dry camp? Also, those trailers don't have little potties do they? I can't make through the night without a potty visit. That would be a concern for me, should I get one.
    Lots of fun! Can't wait to see your faV!!
    XO Kris

    1. We don't dry camp very much....but all that means is we use or propane to cook, candles or lantern for light and bring our own water. Some have real bathrooms but everyone has a portable potty. I have a real toilet in mine but often just use the bags made for easy disposal.

  2. Thanks for sharing these vintage beauties. Hope you're having a load of fun!!

  3. Love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing. FYI....hat on bed is bad luck. :(

  4. Oh- What fun- I am SOOO jealous! xo Diana

  5. Great fun, Karen. Thanks for letting me glamp vicariously!

  6. Thanks for sharing more wonderful trailers! Cuteness everywhere! Xox

  7. Isn't it amazing what some fabric and a bit of paint can do! Oh and a handful of 'bling' too! love all the creativeness... and I am thinking I will need to make a Quilt for my next trailer... (which is in the works of procuring!)
    Trailer Hugz!


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